The Man From Chamberlain, Part 3

On to date number 4! He invited me over for supper for our next date. I arrived about 630/7 in the evening. He works until 6 and it’s about an hour from my apartment in Regina to his house in Chamberlain. It was pretty easy to find. If you’ve ever driven past Chamberlain, you know how small it is, and you also know about the Twisted Sister’s.  Everyone knows where Twisted Sister’s is! They are a little roadside ice cream/burger shop, and the man from Chamberlain lives within spitting distance. (And in two years of living there, had never been there for ice cream! I know, crazy.)

He told me he’s not a very good cook, but he put together a pretty decent stirfry for us. I think we maybe watched a movie after supper, I don’t really remember. It was either a movie or some educational TV shows. He really enjoys Discovery, History, National Geographic, PBS…he likes comedies too, but when it comes to tv shows, he is most often watching something educational. I guess we probably won’t be watching any Real Housewives together.

I don’t know what his thought process was exactly, but he was obviously thinking/hoping that I was going to stay over. Especially since I didn’t start stretching and giving him the “time to hit the ol dusty trail” line. He looked at me and asked if I was ready for bed. Uh yeah, I was ready like 10 days before yesterday!

He’s a great kisser, I really enjoy his lips on mine. As far as the sex goes, I don’t have a super exciting story for you. He had gone a looooot longer without sex than I had. It was nice. That probably doesn’t sound like a good word to use when describing sex, but it was. It was nice. And spending the night together was nice too. He’s a cuddler, and I didn’t mind that about him at all. In the morning, his alarm went off around 5 and I got up at the same time. He said I could stay and sleep, but I had to get home to Walter, so I left at the same time.

Over the next few weeks, we managed to see each other once or twice a week. I liked him, but it felt like things were moving slower than they would have if we had regular schedules and lived in the same place. We texted every day though. And actually, the slow moving was fine by me. I’m kind of a slow mover when it comes to romantic relationships and I only do things when I’m ready to.

And then at the end of March, I went to Cuba for a week…