Hi-Vis and Man Chowder

It was an evening a few months, and I received a message on Pof from this guy. It’s a normal message, just a “Hi, how are you” kind of thing. So I take a look at his profile and his profession says he’s a PLT. Now my curiosity is piqued. Because first of all, who doesn’t love a man in hi-vis? And secondly, do I know him? (If you don’t know me personally, I have spoken to a lot of PLT’s throughout my time at my job.) So I respond. His response to my response is to apologize and say he shouldn’t have messaged me. I ask why. He says because it’s because it’s late and he’s horny. *eyeroll* I ask him if he wants to start over in the morning then. And he says yes, but then chats normally with me for a little bit. I start asking him questions about his job and where he works and and if he’s on a crew and he finally senses something and asks why I know so much about his job and I half-lie and tell him I know some PLT’s so I was just wondering. He accepted that. From his answers, and where he’s from, I figured out who he was, based on who I knew he wasn’t. We hadn’t exchanged names by this point, I was trying to guess on my own lol 
I had given him my number to text me the next day and he did. He messaged me with his name which just confirmed my guess at who he was. We chatted for a bit and then asked if I wanted to see what he had been up to the night before. I started to feel a little guilty at this point about not telling him I knew who he was so I told him that the reason I had been asking about his job is because I used to talk to him on the phone when he was working for the same company that I work for. And then I asked if he still wanted to show me what he had been doing. He said No, but then did anyways. Obviously. Men want to show me their dicks. I got a picture AND a video! This guy definitely had some dick to work with! And I had an interest in getting on the crew to work with it too. So we kept texting.

We talked about what we were looking for. When you’re online dating, that’s always the big question. “So what are you looking for?” He was into casual. Great. I wasn’t interested in dating him, so that worked for me. We moved onto sexting. He’s a kinky fuck. Which I can get behind. And he was pretty open to me getting behind him as well. Ifyouknowwhatimean winkwink nudg nudge. BUT, he was very wrapped up in himself. I think I’m fairly generous in bed, and I put that through in my sexting as well. I had to tell him to make it more about me when we were texting. He was also an exhibitionist. He rarely asked me for a picture, preferring to send me pictures instead. And CONSTANTLY trying to get me to facetime him so I could watch him jerk off. Like, every time we texted. Now, as you know, when I’m in the right mood, I like watching men masturbate. I’ve never met this man, but from what I already knew about him, I knew I wouldn’t be able to produce the reaction that he wanted. It felt like he wanted me to have to mop up the floor after watching what he surely imagined was the dick equivalent of Canada Day fireworks to be because my pussy would have no choice except to start gushing in awe and wonder. So I kept refusing, and finally told him that if there ever came a point where I wanted a live viewing of Top Chef, Man Chowder edition, I would let him know.

He just kept pushing. I was losing interest fast. Because of his schedule working out of town, and my schedule, there weren’t a lot of opportunities for us to meet. I was trying to keep him at a distance because I didn’t want a bunch of built-up expectations. For either of us. I don’t think it worked. One night he messaged me and asked how come I never message him first. Ummm….what? I told him that because it was just a casual thing, I didn’t think a lot of attention was required. To which he replied that he wasn’t closed off to a relationship, it was just that he didn’t want to put any pressure on anything, and he did want to talk to me. Ooookaaaaay.

After this, he asked if I was sleeping with anyone (I was) and that if we started fucking/dating exclusively, would I stop sleeping with other men. What.The.Fuck. Who fucks exclusively, but isn’t dating? That seems unfair. Anyways, I told him if the agreement was to not fuck anyone else, then yes.

I’m not sure if I meant it. I probably did. Maybe. I dunno man, don’t try to put me in a box!

We had plans to meet up at his place, but the closer it got, the more I realized I was really not into it. Not even a ding dong ditch. I had been unfairly leading him on and dragging the whole thing out and should have ended it awhile ago, especially when he basically told me he was interested in more than sex. So I cancelled. He didn’t text me for 2-3 weeks after that. But then he did. I didn’t respond. So he texted again a couple weeks after that. Again, no response. He messaged me on Christmas. I responded with a Merry Christmas. He asked if I was free. I said no. That was the end.