So, sometimes I just want to get drunk and fuck, you know? And that’s exactly what happened about 5 weeks ago. I went out for a friend’s birthday and when I got home, was texting this guy. Ok, 2 guys. But I needed to play the odds. There may have been one point where I forgot which was which, but it all worked out in the end. Sort of. My first choice had to work in a couple of hours, so he couldn’t come over. But I’m sure I’ll get around to sleeping with him, and then tell you all about it! He has a girlfriend, they’re in an open relationship and he moves around a lot for work, so they both use that opportunity to play with other people. And since no commitment is kind of my jam, it’s only a matter of time before our schedules line up. But, I digress.

I tell the other one to come over. It’s our first time meeting, but he seems alright and a 26 of vodka is a pretty powerful aphrodisiac and trust enabler. He gets to my apartment and I lead him into my bedroom. We get down to business pretty quickly and I have to say, it was…mediocre. At best. He was a fan of how I sucked his dick though (who isn’t?!) and kept trying to get me to do it some more. I was bored and not really into it. I didn’t even want to have sex with him anymore. So what I did instead was tell him how incredibly hot it would be just to watch him jerk off and make himself cum. “Really? You’d like that?” “Oh yeah baby, I looove it!” Men are so easy. (Admittedly, I actually do like to watch. Masturbation is fascinating, as long as I’m into the guy doing it. This time, not so much, but he didn’t know that.) So I gave him some lube and away he went! It didn’t take long before he was ready and asked me where I wanted him to cum. “I want you to cum aaaall over yourself.” He did.

And he’s messaged me twice a week since. “That was so hot when I was over, let’s do it again.” I only responded to one message and told him I was really sick with strep throat and his response was, “That’s ok, you can just watch.” What a thoughtful fucking sweetheart. Bye! Blow ya never! (Again)


4 thoughts on “Boring

  1. Have you been able to line up your schedule with the other guy? How do you know that the other woman actually knows she’s in an open relationship?

    • No, I decided I wasn’t really interested in pursuing anything with him, so we haven’t talked for a few weeks now. How do you know anything someone tells you is true? I just believe him. He didn’t try to hide it, he told me right away and we talked about expectations.

      • That’s just it. You wouldn’t know and my intuition tells me that he’s full of shit. Anyone offering that information up front without follow up information so you can contact the ‘girlfriend’ or she can contact you to discuss expectiations is probably a liar. I’d be interested to see if he’d offer her contact information. 😉

      • Maybe. But…i still trust he’s telling the truth because that’s MY intuition. If I’m concerned, I can ask about contacting his gf, but that’s not something I care about.

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