Men I’ve Never Met, But Made Me Cry, Part 3

Nick is recent. This past weekend recent. Nick is 26, tall, good looking (there’s a pattern here lol), smart, funny, educated, great job, owns his house, close to his family, sweet, kind. And the asshole who stood me up on Sunday night.

He messaged me on kik (a messaging app) over 3 weeks ago. I didn’t know who he was. He said we had chatted on pof awhile back and I had given him my username. Then he found me on pof and sent me a message there too.  Our conversation flowed easily right from the beginning. It started quite flirty, and I had initially placed him in the casual category, until I started to know more about him. I liked him. He felt the same way. He wasn’t really looking for anything beyond casual to start with, but within a few days told me it was obvious we’d be great in bed, but he hoped we had a connection beyond that. We talked every day, and were making plans for the weekend. Then he got sent to Edmonton for work. He develops and implements training packages and whoever was supposed to be doing it in Edmonton quit, so they sent him out there for 3 weeks. It actually worked out ok, because I was leaving for Cuba in a few days, and then would be at the farm the weekend after I got back, and then he would be back the weekend after. And that’s when we planned our date.

Even though we did some sexy messaging, he told me he has a 3 date rule when it comes to sex. But he might change it because we had been chatting so much. I told him no backsies! It was going to be at least 3 dates because I liked him. I don’t sleep with men I like right away. He told me I make him miss home. We talked about vacations and how he hasn’t taken one in over 2 years. He said he doesn’t need one because I’m his vacation. Fucking charming, right? Our conversations covered a lot of topics. He told me he trusts me, he’s never been this open with anyone and he could tell me anything. What he did was tell me everything I wanted to hear.

His flight got in late on Friday, and I had plans on Saturday, so we settled on Sunday for our first date. We were both looking forward to it. Or so I thought. I lost all interest in talking to other men. I turned down booty calls. I was getting invested in this guy. The last time we had contact was Saturday afternoon. He hasn’t responded to my messages since. And his pof profile is now deleted. I am sorely disappointed. It’s another bruise on my heart.

And now I’m suspicious because it’s exactly how Ryan stood me up. Twice. I’m in Groundhog Day, dating edition. I’m tired of fucking around, and I am becoming less and less amused by the encounters I have.

The only thing worse than a sad goodbye is no goodbye at all. 


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