The Cuban

I recently took a winter holiday to Cuba. It was beautiful! I highly recommend it. It seems everyone expects me to have some adventures when I go away, and by adventures, I mean sex. I recently came across a term I think perfectly describes my sex life up to this point and how I approach it. “Sport fucking”

I do it for fun, when I want, with who I want. Cuba was no exception. Our first night at the disco, I met Alex. He is a security guard at the resort we stayed at and sooo cute. My memories are slightly foggy, but I remember dancing and drinking and having a great time. And then I was introduced to Alex and the next thing I know, the disco is quiet and dark and I’m in a corner with his dick in my mouth. The silence was broken by the sound of his balls slapping me as me bent me over a table. From there, we moved to the beach. He didn’t speak much english, but he understood me when I asked, “Can we have sex on the beach?” Don’t worry, we used a chair, I didn’t have to douche any sand out of my vag after. From there, he took me to a random, unoccupied hotel room where we continued our path of carnal carnage. He walked me back to my room and we said goodnight. I’m told when I got in the room, I serenaded my friends with my rendition of Spice Girls “Wannabe”. You can imagine how great that was. My friend had been starting to worry about me, and had sent me a text, but my phone was in the room, so that wasn’t helpful. She was even about to come looking for me, but she never would have found me.

The next day, I couldn’t remember his name or even his face. Every time we passed a security guard, the girls would ask if that was him. I’d look and say, “No” or “I don’t think so”. Real classy. But when I saw did see him, it was just in passing, and he did look vaguely familiar, so I had a feeling I had found him. On our last night, we went to a nightclub on the island called The Cave. It was cool, but I wouldn’t do it again. It is literally a bat cave. An old one. You have to walk down this spiral staircase into it. It wasn’t as claustrophobic as I thought. It’s a little low in places, and there were vines hanging everywhere, but there were big holes in the top so you could see the sky and air could get in. On the bus ride back, someone (me) suggested skinny dipping in the pool. So we get back and strip down and jump in! There was a security guard there at the time, and not surprisingly, he was perfectly fine with 7 or 8 women getting naked in front of him 😉

My security guard showed up and started chatting with me from the edge of the pool. I asked him if we had met before and he said yes. I asked if we met in the disco. Yes. Did we meet on the beach? No. What? That was my friend. Oh, well where is he? He’s coming here in about 20 minutes. Oh ok, I’ll wait. Tell him to hurry. A few minutes go by and I ask him where his friend is and he says, “There is no friend. You really don’t remember me?” I laugh and say I was pretty drunk and I thought it was him and to stop messing with me. Then I told him to prove it was actually him and to tell me all the places we “met”. He passed the test so I told him to get in the pool, and he did. He said we should meet on the beach. I said, “Later. Can we have sex in the pool?” “Yes”. hahaha So we start making out and then he sees one of my friends is still in the pool. So I swim over to her and tell her I’m going to have sex in the pool. She’s cool with it and swam to the other side to enjoy the Cuban sky. I go back to Alex and he’s like, your friend is still here. And I’m like, So? And he’s like, Ok. Sex in a pool is not all it’s cracked up to be. I mean, it was fun, but it’s not going to be my first choice unless I have a good silicone lube with me. (Silicone will stand up to any water sex you may have. Showers, pools, etc) From there we decided to meet on the beach again.

I dropped my stuff off in the hotel room and took a walk to the beach in my towel. Alex wasn’t there yet, but the sun was coming up and it looked so beautiful, I couldn’t resist dropping the towel and taking a run into the ocean. It was amazing! But Alex didn’t show up. I wandered around the resort and ran into some ladies I’d made friends with who hadn’t made it to bed yet either. And then I saw him. I called out his name and he came over to me. There was a guy watching us and he tells me that’s his boss watching. Whoops lol I tell him I’m going to bed and start back to the room. I meet him around the corner and he tells me again that was his boss and he has to get back to work. I got him in trouble. haha I tell him I’m leaving that day, so, bye forever! And then I went to bed.

That was my sexy Cuban story.


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