This Again.

So, yesterday morning I get home from work, and the house smells like dog shit. Again. Just what I want after working a 12 hour night shift. Do you know why my house smells like dog shit? Do you? The obvious answer is because my roommate’s dog shit in the house. Again. And you’re right. But what I’m talking about is how my roommate cleaned it up, but instead of taking it out to the garbage bin in the backyard, he put it in the kitchen garbage and left it there. In the fucking KITCHEN garbage!!! Again!!! Fuck! So I take the garbage out and go to bed.

I`m relaxing and falling asleep when my roommate wakes me up by asking if I`m awake and needs a favour. He lost his phone and wants me to text his dad for him to find out when he`s picking my roommate up. So I do. His dad`s response is, “About a half hour. Tell him to be ready because I`m NOT waiting.“ Sounds like a real peach of a guy. So I tell Chris and he says ok, tell him to knock on the door and I`ll be ready. So I do. Except I tell him to ring the doorbell because we all know how well knocking on the door works. I`m falling asleep again and my phone goes off. It`s his dad asking me to tell my roommate `they`re in the city now. Fine. I tell him. I roll over to go back to sleep. Sadly, it does not come because his dad texts me again! This time to tell him he`s here. What part of come to the door and ring the bell didn`t you understand? Whatever.

On his way out, my roommate tells me he has a friend coming over to pick up Trigger right away. Great. This again. I ask him if she’s just going to come in and get him. He actually says to me, “Is that what you want? I could leave the door unlocked.” Yes, that’s what I fucking want! What did you think I would want? When did you think this through? Oh, you didn’t? You just assumed I would be around here and wouldn’t mind waiting for your asshole friend to pick up your fucking dog? Again?! Fuck. Yes, tell her to just come the fuck in and get him because I am going to sleep and not getting out of bed. He says he will let her know. This is all around 9am. I drift off to sleep.

11am. The doorbell rings. I have been sleeping deeply for roughly the last 2 hours. I’m all disoriented and it takes me a second to realize the doorbell is ringing. So much for showing up right away! I stay in bed for several reasons. One, I told my roommate this person could just come into the house. Two, I’ve only been sleeping 2 hours and do not want to leave the comfort of my bed. And three, I’m naked. And I have no intentions of getting dressed. So I wait for her to realize no one is coming to the door and to come in and grab Trigger. Doesn’t happen. Are you fucking kidding me?! I try to go back to sleeping, but I’m pissed. So instead, I text my roommate’s dad and tell him his son’s dog is still here and I am not watching him again all weekend. In addition to just not wanting to, I have some plans before work. Which would mean this dog would be locked in the bedroom for 15 hours. That’s not fair to Trigger, and it’s not fair to me to have to come home to the inevitable mess that he would make. The roommate gets back to me saying his gf will come and pick him up within the hour. Thank Christ. I let Trigger out and the dog must be comprised mostly of urine . He peed 3 times outside, and took a crap. I don’t think my roommate understands that this dog needs a feeding schedule that allows him access to the outdoors soon after he eats. I tell my roommate the door is still unlocked  and she come come right in. “Oh, so she can just walk in the house?” Yes! Fuck! This guy is suddenly concerned about being polite when he woke me up 6 times one night and called the cops to our house twice?!

I don’t know what is going to happen when he’s back. He told me he was going to send Trigger to Estevan with his parents, but we’ll see if that happens. I can’t handle this guy having a pet! But I desperately need a roommate. Sooo….fuck.

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