The Farmer

I’ve been texting with the farmer every now and again, and last week he was in town for the day. I invited him over after his meeting. He’s definitely a small town guy. Really rough around the edges. Maybe not even just the edges. His big move was grabbing my breast and then blaming it on the dog. Speaking of the dog, Walter is very clingy with me. He doesn’t like being locked in or out of rooms when I’m with someone. So having sex at my house is always a bit of an adventure. Either I shut the door to my bedroom and then he whines and scratches at it the whole time, or I let him in and deal with that. Now, normally I can make him just lay down and leave us alone. But the farmer likes animals, so Walter already had him wrapped around his pretty little paws.

There I am, sucking his dick when I look up and Walter’s face is right next to mine. I don’t know if he wanted to help, or was just wondering what the hell I was doing. Either way, I couldn’t keep going until he moved so I kicked him off the bed. His response was to jump on the bed again, but go around me and cuddle up to The Farmer. So the next time I look up, Walter is curled into his shoulder and they’re both looking down at me. I lost it, I had to stop. I was laughing so hard and slightly weirded out.

The Farmer got on top of me and we started having sex. Guess who joins the party? Baby Kitty! Our weird furry threesome was now a foursome. The cat starts meowing, so while he’s thrusting into me, he also reaches over to pet the cat. Not exactly the pussy his hands should be on. And starts talking to her. Things like, “What’s wrong kitty? Want to look out the window?” My headboard is against the window in my room so he lifts the shade so the cat can sit on the sill and watch outside. What a nice guy, she said sarcastically. So the cat is sufficiently distracted. But what about Walter. He is laying right beside me, trying to lick my face. I push him away and he crawls up closer to the window. So now the cat, the dog, and The Farmer are all enjoying the view out the window while I get to look at the fucking ceiling! Walter gets bored and moves down the bed. He had a surprise for The Farmer. A surprise tongue on his asshole! hahahahahaha  And that’s how having sex in my house works. The queue starts here.


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