Fat Racist Pig

As you know, I am a frequenter of the site Plenty of Fish. These days, I mainly stick around for the amusement. Like these messages I received last night. Now, sometimes I block the men who message me simply because I don’t want to talk to them. I get a lot of messages, and if they annoy me, I figure it’s just easier to block them rather than deal with ignoring their messages. Because what inevitably happens is they message again asking why I’m ignoring them. By this point in my dating career, I’ve realized it’s a lot less hassle on my end to block and ignore than it is to reject. 9 times out of 10 the men online do not take well to rejection. It turns out they don’t take well to rejection by blocking either. So, without further ado, I give you, “Fat Racist Pig”.






Class act, right? I’m not sure what exactly made him think I’m racist. I’m also not sure why he knows the Indiana branch of the KKK is looking for new female members. And lastly, I’m not sure why he hates himself so much.

But now let’s look at his points. I’m fat. Thanks captain obvious! He called me desperate and overweight. But in the same message, tells me he and his friend are off to have sex with some bbw’s. He also says it’s pathetic and sad for me to think I have a shot at a good looking guy like his friend. (Oh, excuse me, BLACK friend. It’s important to notate the colour of his skin.) Here’s where I really get confused. Wasn’t it his friend who messaged me? And then I blocked him? So who thought they had a chance with who here? And lastly, what really confuses me is his angry messages about how he and his good looking friend who I obviously hate because he’s black are going to go fuck some ladies, but his profile says all of this…



Thank heavens for this guy! If he had never messaged me, I would never have known any of this about me. It’s like I took a facebook quiz without all the questions. “Are you a fat, racist pig? Take this quiz and find out!” Clearly my results would be “You’re just the worst. Go join the KKK in Indiana.”

Fuck, am I ever glad I’m so good looking and love myself. Talk to you all later! I’m off to renew my passport 😉