I Am Not A Fetish

I meant to write about this earlier, but never got around to it. I was only able to get a few screenshots because the fucker blocked me before I could hit “send” on my epic response! You can see the end of it in the last screenshot, so I’ll just let you imagine how wide his asshole would be had I been able to actually rip into him. The basics are that he asked me if I would want to spend the weekend having sex with him. And that he wouldn’t just hit it and quit it, he would actually spend time with me. Aww shiiit, real time and everything? My desperation must have been showing again. I need some Static Guard to hide that away! He told me he likes girls who look like me and I’m super hot and blah blah blah. You all know by now that I like to play with these guys though, and so this conversation happened and he got mad when I rejected him. I quite literally laughed out loud at his response.


And then there was this:


Seriously men, if you find a woman attractive, tell her. But don’t make her a fetish, no matter what her size. That will not make her feel complimented. The thing that bothers me about the first “man” is that someday he will most likely be able to woo himself a woman. He will find a woman with precarious self-esteem and he will be nice to her and tell her how attractive he finds her and she will feel special. Then she will do something to make his insecurities come forward and he will be cruel. He will tell her she’s fat and ugly and that no one could possibly want her and she’s lucky he even puts up with her. And that woman will believe everything he says.

The second guy was just a plain old dumbass, and has deleted his pof profile. The very next day I went shopping, and wouldn’t you know it, I bought myself a leather skirt!


8 thoughts on “I Am Not A Fetish

  1. I wish I could meet that girst guy so I could kick him in the teeth. Ugh!!! The second one seems more confused as to what a compliment is. Lol

  2. It just amazes me how lazy these men are, relationships take time to develop and work for the long haul. So many of these guys are single for a reason. If he wants to book a weekend of sex, why not call a hooker, oh yeah he’s broke and lazy. Dodged a bullet there Campbell !

  3. Word to Jan above, that’s exactly it. I love seeing you mess with these guys, Amy. (Also, I’ve been reading your blog for a long time, so hi, you’re awesome.)

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