Blast From the Past (and wearing sweatpants)

Yep, you guessed it! Captain Sweatpants!

hey hi it been a long time no talke, and i have no idea why u stop talki to me anyways this is my number txt me so we can chat.

i still live in moose jaw but i will be inregina on friday to hang out with some couple of friend if u want we can go for drink and hang out togather.

or u can give me a chat on my facebook or hotmail same emill adders

I don’t recall even knowing he lived in Moose Jaw. I’m pretty sure I was as clear as I could be about why I wasn’t going to continue talking to him. And how many points of contact do I possibly need?!

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Get it?
Got it? Good.

So, what do you think? Round 2? I’ll be taking bets on how many pairs of pants he’s wearing these days. Why yes, I am kidding.


3 thoughts on “Blast From the Past (and wearing sweatpants)

  1. Here’s a random question. Does he talk like he texts? I just refreshed my memory from your earlier posts and dear lord…..
    Also I’m a fan of ski pants in the cold. ONE pair of pant with ski pants over top, which I take off when I am indoors.

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