The Rise of BDS

I know what you’re thinking…BDS, must be another big dicked fella in Amy’s life. If only that were the case. It is merely BDK turning into BDS. Big Dicked Stalker. I moved several months ago. A couple of months ago, I gave in to BDK and let him come over. It was fun.

My doorbell rings one night around 2 or 3 am. My front door shifted with the house and is slowly moving back into place, but at the time, it was too hard to get the deadbolt in place, so I left it unlocked. There is a second door once you get through the sunporch, so I never worried about it too much. Until I’m laying in bed listening to someone open the front door and start knocking on the second door! Walter is going crazy and my heart is beating against my chest so hard I thought Chris Brown might just explode out of my body. There is no fucking way I’m getting out of bed to even peek around the corner to see who is there. About 15 minutes later, it finally stops and I hear the person leave. Holy shit. And then I start to think about it. Who knows where I live and would just walk into my house? BDK. Of course. Later that week, he stops by during the week. I think it was a Thursday maybe. I was just chilling at home and the doorbell rings and someone walks into my sunporch. It’s BDK. Because I’m right there, I answer the door. He tells me he’s moved in across the back alley and wants to know what I’m up to. I tell him I’m going to bed because I work in the morning (I didn’t). Truthfully, it took me a minute to register who he even was because I only see him in the dark and when I’m drunk.

For the last few weekends I’ve been home and not out of town or at work, my doorbell has rung at least once during the weekend. Usually Friday nights, but the odd Thursday or Saturday too. I never get up. Sometimes my phone rings. It’s always him. I never answer it. I never respond to his texts. He is not getting the hint.

This past Friday, he called me 4 times in 6 minutes. I happened to be awake because I worked 11-3 and had just gone to bed when he called. Last night, I stayed in and woke up to the dog barking shortly after 3am. It took me a few seconds to get my bearings and focus on reality. My fucking doorbell was ringing again! I look at my phone and there are two texts from him:

“I’m coming over.” “Leave the backdoor open.”

Fuck you, sir. There will be no coming, and there will certainly not be any open backdoors! My lack of response did not stop him from ringing the doorbell constantly for ten minutes and then coming around to the front and trying that one instead. Thankfully I have a working lock again and he couldn’t even get past the screen door.

I was pissed. I was so tired and in such a deep sleep. I texted him this morning and told him to never come to my house uninvited again. I’ve texted him before and told him I work in the morning and not to bother me. If I had to get up this morning to work at 7am, I would have been even more pissed. And if my roommate had moved in and I wasn’t home and she had to answer the door to a strange man at the door when she’s here all alone, or stay in bed freaked out? Fuck that!

So, BDS.


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