QCR Returns

Remember Quick Cum Rob? I do. I’m not sure if I actually wrote about how we stopped seeing each other or not. Basically he just suddenly stopped messaging me. We only emailed because he didn’t have a phone at the time and when I tried to send him a message, it bounced back to me. So, whatever. It was just sex, but I was annoyed that he just disappeared without a word. He was the one who couldn’t figure out whether or not he wanted a relationship. Or maybe he just wanted me to say I wanted one. I don’t know. In any case, I told him I was fine with casual sex. This was months ago, probably May or so.

Then last week I am on POF and I receive a “meet me” notification (you can look through profiles and select yes, no, maybe to someone’s profile and it lets them know you’re interested). In addition to that, I also receive a notification that the same user added me as a “favourite”. Curious, I message him. I had already looked at his profile, but his username was marriedman something. He had no picture with it and you have to have a picture to message me. So I messaged him asking why he’s messaging women if he’s married and why he would favourite me without attaching a picture and sending me a message. Turns out, it’s Rob, and he created the profile just to talk to me.

His excuses…his email was hacked and he couldn’t get back into it. Oh, and he has a girlfriend. A. fucking. girlfriend. Is everyone wrapping their heads around this? Mr “I really like you, but I don’t know if I can commit the time to having a girlfriend even though you aren’t asking for anything from me anyways” now has a girlfriend. So, of course I ask him what the hell he wants from me if he has a girlfriend (obviously I know the answer. I just want him to say it). He’s been thinking about me a lot and misses talking to me. And wants to fuck. No shit. I always liked talking to him, so I tell him we can chat, but his dick isn’t getting anywhere near me. He says ok, he’s good with just being friends. It hasn’t stopped him from trying to get me to touch his cock though. I tell him if he’s happy with his relationship, he shouldn’t fuck that up and he shouldn’t mess around on his girlfriend. He says he’s is happy with the way things are, but he can’t help thinking he might have been happier with me and really fucked things up. Uhh…what?


7 thoughts on “QCR Returns

  1. I’m amazed at the amount of work that went into making a fake profile to talk to you, when he could have just emailed. He must have met a gal who wasn’t ok with casual sex so finds himself in a relationship. What a guy.

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