QCR Update

I haven’t heard from QCR in weeks. At least 3. Whatever. I’m not one to put much effort into chasing, so I wrote him off as having made his decision and moving on. And then last night, this email exchange happens:

Should have emailed awhile ago but didn’t know what to say. Working a lot as usual but also was on holidays the last 2 weeks. Was in BC. Still no excuse not to message you. I guess what I’m trying to say is that while you are fucking incredible and sexy as hell I just don’t think it’s fair to meet and fuck randomly. It is/was fun but I feel like I’m using you and I hate to make you feel uncomfortable or anything. I’ve missed chatting and hanging out with you though.

How was BC?
You can’t take advantage of someone who isn’t in a position to be taken advantage of. It’s sweet of you to be concerned about me, but I told you I was fine with casual. You were the one who kept bringing it up. Hence why I didn’t pursue it when you blew me off.

BC was fun. I have family out there and just relaxed. It was much needed. I know you’re cool with being casual. I’ve been pretty damn horny for you. Look at your pics all the time. Miss those as well. Also the last time I was in Saskatoon I had met someone and was kind of doing the same thing with them. All safe of course but it sort of felt like cheating lol kind of silly I suppose. But I guess all that being said I would like to hook up again.

It felt like you were cheating on who? You don’t have to feel guilty. I think you know by now I’m not the girl who is going to throw a jealous fit over you fucking someone else. I do it too. As long as you’re straight with me, I’m good.

I always just think if I happened to be out in public with another girl and ran into you it might be awkward or vice versa. I work tomorrow and Thursday and then Friday I’m going to Edmonton for the weekend for the rider game. Would like to hook up before then but I’m sure the chances of that are pretty slim lol

This guy overthinks things way too much! I mean, who puts this much thought into casual sex? Isn’t the point not to continuously be thinking about the situation? I have the next couple of days off so I told him he could check with me to see if I have some free time. But I already know I won’t be making time for him. He can suck his own dick until I decide otherwise.


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