Charity Work

So, a couple of months ago, I received a message from this guy on POF. It was somewhat unusual. He was very open about his situation, both in his messages and on his profile. He was only looking for an “intimate relationship” with a woman. Last year, his wife was in a car accident and was impaled. She survived, and recovered, but the nerve damage was so great that she is unable to have sex without extreme pain. One night while they were lying in bed, she said to her husband, “You know, we had a really active sex life before the accident, and now we can’t do much of anything. I think you should try to find a friends with benefits situation.” He almost fell out of the bed. I know what you’re thinking…is this guy for real? I thought the same thing. But, after messaging him for about a month and learning a lot about him and his family, I decided he was for real. He loves his wife and children. He can’t wear a wedding ring to work so he had one tattooed on. At the worst, it would be a nice little story to tell you fine folks.

He lives in Saskatoon. I’m just going to call him the married man (MM) because truthfully, I can’t even remember his name anymore. Anyways, MM lives in Saskatoon. I told him I was there quite often so maybe we could meet up sometime while I was up there. He ended up taking a job in Regina for a few months. The first time we met, we got it on. It was alright. Just alright. For a guy who told me some of the things he and his wife used to do, I expected a little bit more. Before we even started, I asked if he wanted any rules. He said no. I couldn’t think of any, so away we went. But when he left, he tried to kiss me goodbye. I backed away pretty quickly and told him my rule was no goodbye kisses. Those are for single people who like each other.

Weeks passed before we hooked up again. He wanted to, I was either busy or didn’t feel like it. Nothing about him really turned me on. Finally, I had a free evening and thought, what the hell? I’ll give him another go. Bleh. He liked to make a lot of eye contact. And I mean a lot. Like, I was afraid to look away and wondered if I could just close my eyes instead. He did this thing with his eyebrows where he would raise them quickly two times in succession and look at me like he was doing something really awesome. He was not. And I’m not sure what the look on my face was, but he asked me why I was always laughing at him. After that, I got bored. I was not what you would call a really active participant in the finishing act. After he finished, he tried some handy work on me and tried to tease me by stopping. I said, that’s fine and rolled over. He was all like, uhh, what? I said, that’s fine. I’m good. I think he got the message. He left shortly after that and hasn’t messaged me since.


3 thoughts on “Charity Work

  1. Best Line in this Blog – He did this thing with his eyebrows where he would raise them quickly two times in succession and look at me like he was doing something really awesome. He was not.

    Thanks for sharing, I’m still laughing.

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