My dad has cancer. Prostate. I guess if you’re a man and you’re going to get cancer, it’s the best one to get. But being the best of the worst isn’t saying much. It’s scary as hell. We knew something was wrong late last year. He just didn’t feel right. He got checked out in January and was diagnosed in February. Thankfully it’s small and they caught it early. The doctor told him if he had waited another year to get checked, things would be different. As it is, he is going to Edmonton in the near future to be treated, and his prognosis is good. He has chosen radioactive seeds. The basics are the doctor implants the seeds into the prostate and they kill the cancer without damaging the surrounding tissue. It’s the least invasive and has the shortest recovery time. Being a farmer, my dad can’t afford to lose much time. He’s scared, my mom is scared, my brother is a douche, and I’m scared. Knowing how it’s affecting my dad’s daily life is what really scares me. I think about it every day.


6 thoughts on “Cancer

  1. Woah! Scary stuff, I’m so sorry Amy. I can’t even pretend to know how you feel. Your Dad and your family are without a doubt in my prayers.

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