Easter Rant

Being a single woman with no children will not stop me from having an opinion on how parents treat the holidays. Or from judging them.

It’s Easter. When I was growing up, the Easter bunny would bring my brother and I each a little easter basket. It would usually have a small stuffed animal, some candies, and a small toy of some sort. Maybe a movie. And we would hunt for chocolate eggs hidden throughout the house. It was great! Simple. What do I see on facebook today? Excess. My parents were sent a picture of their friends’ grandchildren with all their candy and toys. Their loot took up all the space on the giant kitchen island. It could have been posed for a department store display. I heard stories of other children receiving cameras. This is Easter. When the fuck did the Easter bunny start giving more (and better) presents than Santa Claus? No wonder so many kids suck these days! I’m so glad that I am beyond my babysitting days.

Not to mention what Easter is actually about. How many of you believers took your children to church this weekend? Or even told them what Easter means?

Kids don’t have to wait for, or earn, anything anymore. They’re going to be falsely entitled adults with unrealistic expectations about how the world works. Thanks for that. I know most of you who will read this are great parents. But back the fuck off the unnecessary gift giving. It’s too much and you know it.


2 thoughts on “Easter Rant

  1. I’m with you Amy. We used to get chocolate, maybe a skipping rope or some bubbles. Nothing ridiculous. I’ve seen kids lately getting things like a DS from the Easter Bunny. WTF indeed. Where do you even go from there at Christmastime???

  2. Let me add to your rant. Our kids got exactly what you described in your childhood from us, their parents. They also got exactly what you described haulwise 3 outfits, new coats,new shoes and candy from Ryan’s parents where they wanted them to find candy there. I smile say that’s nice.

    Saturday we think our son should spend some time with his grandparents, call them, they are going to Costco and lunch, grandkid can go too. He goes and he’s gone before and comes home with fruit, yogurt, a box of canned fruit. This time he comes home with 2 toys and a toy for his sister. He got in the car and said I need this specific toy dAddy told me to tell you(never happened). We’ve in fAct been saying for the past 3 months, that’s a good idea for your birthday maybe you can get it then and have in fact bought it for his birthday and have it sitting in the closet!!. They went to toys r us instead of Costco searched the toy, asked at the desk about it, it’s not available in Canada right now( THANK GOODNESS as I ordered it online). So none the less came home with toys and they actually offered to buy him more and God bless his little heart he said that’s ok I have enough toys. They then took him for lunch and then they came home and our son went for his afternoon lay down and we were like wow thank goodness you didn’t find that toy we’ve been telling him to wait and thank goodness he didn’t ask for another specific toy as that one has been on his reward chart for 6 months related to toilet training!!! Pls don’t buy these toys !!

    Now that said what do u do as parents say run all gifts by me and BTW Santa, the Easter bunny and the tooth fairy are our domain?? Cause you know damn well if the Easter bunny comes twice, Santa makes 2 stops!! WTF

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