Let me tell you about Big Dick Kinney, or BDK as I refer to him. I’ve known him for a few months now. I met him outside the bar. I was leaving and there were about 6 cabs lined up outside the bar, waiting for customers. I was debating which one to get into when this guy walked by and asked if I needed a ride. Yep! So off I go with this stranger to his car. I don’t remember a whole lot about our conversation, but I do know I was saying things that made myself laugh. When we got to my house I told him now that he knows where I live, he’d better not stalk me. Then he asked for my number. When he called me, I put him in my phone as “The Guy Who Drove Me Home From the Pump That Time.” He called me the next weekend and I had to ask him his name 3 times because I couldn’t understand him. And I was drunk. I finally asked him over text what his name was lol But kept the old name. We didn’t see each other again for weeks because I wouldn’t let him come over. Then I did. That’s when his name changed 😉 Since then, we’ve had a few late night booty calls. He’s got a great 6-pack and obviously a big dick. I like his style. Sweet AND aggressive.

But now I’m getting a little worried. He came over last night and when my phone was going off, he asked if other guys were texting me. Then he asked about me sleeping with other guys. And then we has this little gem of a conversation…

BDK: What do you like about me.
Me: Your dick.
BDK: lol No, I mean, what do you like about my personality?
Me: Uhhh….pause…your dick.
BDK: That’s all?
Me: I don’t know. You seem nice. You did drive me home from the pump that time. But I don’t really know you.

And that was the end of any sort of normal conversation. Warning alarms went off in my head though. I don’t think he’s quite a stage 5 clinger yet, but he’s climbing the scale. I’m going to play a few more innings and see if I need to call the game or not. It would be a real shame to have to do that. My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, but my honey pot makes them fall in love.


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