Party Time At The Teepee

There are very few messages or people in general that I won’t respond to when they talk to me, but this is one of them.

hi how are you? i think u have a very nice smile!! do you enjoy PARTYING LIKE A ROCSTAR OR ARE YOU A POSER? LETS ROCK AND ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! did u notice my tempo change? LETS ROCK AND ROLL!!!!! I like the little outfit in the kitchen, you look like that its party time at the teepee. ROCK AND ROLL, PARTY LIKE A ROCKSTAR. did u get my adrenaline burst? oh by da way i hate grammar and stuff so im takn like a txtr. likn id and luvnd id. PARTY HARD GOTTA EAT SOME CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKES AND KETCHUP LMFAO OH ITS ON LIKE DONKEY KONG


Hates grammar and stuff? Tempo changes? Party time at the teepee?

This guy would have been better off asking to give me a facial.


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