Recent Douchery

Before you read this, read this first. Today, the same guy messaged me again. Our conversation went as follows:

Him: So what makes Amy so dangerous (my name is AmyDanger)

ME: Lots of things. We’ve been out on a date before, Aaron.

Him: I thought you looked really familiar! Did we make out? lol

ME: lol Uhhh…no. Our date was not that great.

Him: Oh well you’re not that really that attractive anyways. You must be at least 250 pounds. That’s a lot of rolls.

ME: Is that all you’ve got to come back with? I’m so unattractive that you messaged me twice? You can plainly see how good-looking I am, and my confidence is so high that your pathetic attempt at an insult won’t even crack the surface.Your lack of charm is just one of the reasons our date was one I laughed about with my friends. Try brushing your hair, wiping your mouth, and asking questions about your date’s life instead of droning on about how much you hate Saskatoon and the whole province of Saskatchewan, while trying to turn it into a joke. You, sir, are an asshat and a douche canoe of the highest order. Go back to Ontario.

I gave him some time to read it and then I blocked him. When I block someone, our conversations disappear from my history, so I assume the same happens on his end. Also, he inadvertently gave me a compliment. I ASPIRE to 250lbs. I must be looking pretty good đŸ˜‰


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