That Escalated Quickly

As you know, I recently signed up for plenty of fish again. So far, it’s been alright. I’ve been chatting with a few men, but no one too interesting yet. I’ll just tell you about the ones who have made me laugh. There was the opening message that said “Hey, wanna hook up?” Yep, everything in my profile points to hooking up with you.

There was the opening message that included dick pics and his message to go along with them said “Hey i’m ****. A young athletic, honest, and well endowed man. I’m looking to talk and see hwere it goes, i’m open to the possibilities. So how are you tonight. I’m not just looking for sex, believe me. I only sent these pics to show i’m being honest, you are very sexy, and i’m very interested”. I’m glad he told me he’s not just looking for sex. I almost got the wrong idea there! I didn’t respond right away so he sent me a follow up, asking what I thought of his pictures. I told him they were inappropriate. His response was, “sorry. if it was. are the pics bad.” I did not respond so he sent another message: “well do you like what you see.” If I had responded, it would have been something like, “Gross, no, go away, pencils down.” I won’t post the pictures he sent me, but I would be happy to share them if you see me in person and you can judge for yourself.

And my favourite, the guy who called me a cunt. He sent me a pleasant enough message, so I responded a couple of times and then didn’t read or respond to most of my messages Saturday night or yesterday. I check them this morning and there are a few new ones from this guy. They went as follows:

“Don’t smoke straws, they taste bad” (Ok, this one is weird out of context. He thought I was smoking in one of my pictures and I said it was the straw from my drink.)

“How are you tonight?”


“Get off fat cunt”

“michelin ****hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

I assume that last word is “bitch” and he was too stupid to drag out the “i” instead of the “h”.

I didn’t bother responding, but I did block him. He seems like the kind of guy who already feels pretty bad about his life and would be easy for me to destroy. High fives for taking the high road!!


2 thoughts on “That Escalated Quickly

  1. Wow I wish those sites had an “add review” button, like most good shopping sites. Where u could add”funny but short”, “rude”, “acts like a prick if u go out and have a life on the weekend”. Love you Amy Campbell! Let no man diminish you!!

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