Happy 2013

Welcome back everyone! Resolutions are bunk. I started some of mine late. And haven’t even started others. This one for instance: To be a regular blogger again. It’s already almost halfway through January and I’m just posting something now. And I’ll warn you now, it may not be that interesting. I don’t have a clear idea of what I want to write about tonight so I’ll likely be all over the place.

I started my healthy lifestyle again this week. So far, it’s going good. I’m tracking all my food and I’m well-stocked up on frozen weight watcher meals. I’m not following weight watchers, but I am using www.myfitnesspal.com to track everything I eat. It’s helping. And I’ve started going to deep water aquasize with my friend, Angela. I lost over 6 pounds this week. Yay me!

I didn’t think 2012 was my best year. There were definitely some high moments, like reuniting with old friends and making new ones, Sasquatch, Jamaica, feeling feelings I had never felt before, two of the best weddings I have ever been to, enjoying work again, no family deaths, and many things that aren’t coming to my mind right now. But 2012 just didn’t feel like a great year overall. I stopped writing, I gained some weight back, family health issues that haven’t been resolved, my heart was stomped on, I gave up on dating, I gained a cousin due to the suicide of her father (she’s living with my aunt and uncle now), I got no further ahead financially, I had to apologize for the things that came out of my mouth more than once, and just generally felt less than my normal level of awesome for about half the year. I have no expectations for 2013, but I hope it doesn’t get worse.

On less of a downer note, I’ve decided to put a profile on plenty of fish again. I don’t know about you, but I’m really excited to once again share crazy online dating stories with you. Which reminds me! I believe I promised you all a story. I think it may have been a Russian story, but in honour of Black Ops Mission (a bar challenge centred around men of a certain race. You guess the rest), I think I will tell the story of Baba. Coming up in the very next post!


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