I Stopped Dating

I removed my profile from pof a month or so ago. Maybe more. I don’t know. I have very little concept of time these days. I became incredibly bored with everything that was happening on there. I became bored and wasn’t putting enough effort into it and I hadn’t even been getting good stories out of it. So, I decided to take a break. I kept my match.com profile, but that was only because I had paid for it. It just expired last week and I don’t think I’ll renew. The average ages of men messaging me on there were 47-50. And 85% of them were from the US.

I met a super hot Russian around the same time I deleted my pof profile. I think meeting him was actually the reason I deleted it. He tried picking me up at the club one weekend. We flirted and got a little handsy, but I was out for a stagette and it was early. I told him I was there with my friends and would not be going home with him. He asked for my number. We texted the next day, and since I was going to Saskatoon for most of the week, he asked me to message him when I was back and we’d set up a date. I went ahead with that plan. His response to my text? “I have a girlfriend now.” Umm…what? In less than a week after trying to hook up with me, you got a girlfriend? “Yeah, it happened fast, but believe me, you’re too sexy to let you go easily.” Well, thanks, but that doesn’t do me much fucking good.

So, after that, I decided I was going to take a break from even trying. But, speaking of Russians, who wants to hear a story about a different hot russian? I thought so. And maybe I’ll tell you sometime. I’ve been thinking about doing some memory posts. “Down Amy’s Memory Lane of Sex”. It’s dark and sparkly, and sometimes, I fall. Also, there’s a lot of bush.

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