Trying to Get on Track

Has anyone tried Ideal Protein? I don’t think it’s right for me. You’re supposed to eat 3 of their products a day. One for breakfast, one at lunch, and one after supper. Lunch also includes 2 cups of veggies (but some veggies aren’t allowed, like carrots. Too much sugar). Supper is 6-8 oz of protein and 2 cups of veggies. Lettuce is unlimited. I cannot stay on track with it for more than a week. And even at that, I cheat during that week. I’ve been struggling with my weight loss. No, scratch that. I haven’t been struggling. I haven’t even been trying. I just again started tracking my food, and am starting to workout again this week. I’m going to try a new gym, maybe having something closer will make a difference, I don’t know. But it’s worth a shot. And something cheaper to boot. Anyways, back to ideal protein. My friend decided she wanted to try it, just buying the products off ebay and not actually joining or anything. I agreed to do it with her. We bought enough for one month. I cheated a lot, and only did it for about 2 and a half weeks or so, but still managed to lost 15 pounds. It’s great if you can stay on track, which I cannot. So I’m going back to just tracking and staying within my alloted calories and seeing how that goes. Today I did good. Lunch could have been better. I did not feel great after. I think it may have been the soup. It was a cream base. I’m going to see what minimizing my dairy intake does for my stomach. I had given myself a goal at the end of August to lose 50 pounds by the time my Jamaica trip rolled around (December 14). It was totally doable. Now, I’m not sure. I’ve still got 35 to go and just under 2 months to do it in. I think it can be accomplished, it’ll just depend on how much I want it. I’m going to keep it as my goal and try to do things to keep myself accountable. Like, blogging. And tracking my food. I’ve also joined up a challenge given by TheBigGirlBlog to workout.

I Stopped Dating

I removed my profile from pof a month or so ago. Maybe more. I don’t know. I have very little concept of time these days. I became incredibly bored with everything that was happening on there. I became bored and wasn’t putting enough effort into it and I hadn’t even been getting good stories out of it. So, I decided to take a break. I kept my profile, but that was only because I had paid for it. It just expired last week and I don’t think I’ll renew. The average ages of men messaging me on there were 47-50. And 85% of them were from the US.

I met a super hot Russian around the same time I deleted my pof profile. I think meeting him was actually the reason I deleted it. He tried picking me up at the club one weekend. We flirted and got a little handsy, but I was out for a stagette and it was early. I told him I was there with my friends and would not be going home with him. He asked for my number. We texted the next day, and since I was going to Saskatoon for most of the week, he asked me to message him when I was back and we’d set up a date. I went ahead with that plan. His response to my text? “I have a girlfriend now.” Umm…what? In less than a week after trying to hook up with me, you got a girlfriend? “Yeah, it happened fast, but believe me, you’re too sexy to let you go easily.” Well, thanks, but that doesn’t do me much fucking good.

So, after that, I decided I was going to take a break from even trying. But, speaking of Russians, who wants to hear a story about a different hot russian? I thought so. And maybe I’ll tell you sometime. I’ve been thinking about doing some memory posts. “Down Amy’s Memory Lane of Sex”. It’s dark and sparkly, and sometimes, I fall. Also, there’s a lot of bush.

Mr. Ed

So, back in August I went on a date with young Edward. He was 22. We met at Chapters for a coffee date. He arrived first and texted me, telling me what section he was in and that he was wearing shorts and a white hoodie. On paper, this guy sounded great. 6’4″, decent looking (will grow into his looks and be rather handsome in 5-10 years), smart, had a job as a T.A. at the university, studying for his LSATs and going into law school, had his own apartment. In reality, this guy was a kid who wore thick black socks pulled halfway up his calves, collected saliva in the corners of his mouth, and told me stories that I’m pretty sure only he and his group of nerd friends would think were cool. When I found him in Chapters (in the science section), he suggested we just wander around the store. Do you know how weird it is to wander up and down book aisles, trying to carry on a conversation with someone you just met? Let me tell you, it’s weird. I put a stop to that pretty quickly. I believe my exact words were, “This is weird. Let’s go sit down.” He suggested we sit outside. It was cloudy, windy, and started to rain. Great idea, Ed. Oh, I should also mention that this was our second attempt at a date. The first was a few days beforehand. We were going to meet at Chapters that time as well, but he texted me before the date to see if I would be willing to change the plan. I don’t remember exactly why, but I think it had something to do with Chapters being busy and noisy in the evening or something to that effect. So his suggestion was to meet at his house. He worded it as hoping I didn’t think he was a creep, but we could just have coffee at his house. I said, no thanks. There’s a million different places we can have coffee, and your house is not on that list. We settled on some other place and then he got called into work anyways. Some plagarism case that his professor needed help with. So we rescheduled for an afternoon date at Chapters. Our date ended as it started to rain. We said goodbye and that was the end of Mr. Ed.

I Welcome Myself Back

Yo. I know you missed me. I’m sorry. I love writing, but sometimes I lack the inspiration and motivation needed to keep the blog current. I’m going to try my best to stay on top of it, but that’s all I promise.

So, where do I begin? I’ve been busy at work, lots of travelling. I think instead of doing one catch-up post, I’ll write about things in my life you’ve missed because of my neglect. Enjoy.