The Bar

My good friend Ang and I went out tonight. She stayed sober, I got progressively more drunk as our night went on. We tried one bar and it sucked, so on to the next!

I get it. It’s hard to approach someone at any point in time. But when you stare at me all night long and I smile at you and even pass right by you, look you in the eye and smile, and you STILL don’t say hi, you’re a fucking idiot.

Also, there are a lot of brown men on the dance floor who apparently do not use deordorant as part of their regular hygiene routine. If you know a man of any colour who smells, do everyone a favour and buy him a stick of deo.

On the upside, when 7-11 is out of nachos and are filling the trays and you flirt with them, they will fill your tray so full that the lid will barely close. On the downside, my stomach hurts.