The 2nd Date Curse

Or is it just a coincidence? On my second date with Cam, I ran into a girl from my hometown. Her name is Sarah. Our second date was our last date. On my second date with Jeremy, I ran into a guy from my hometown. His name is Shaun. He is Sarah’s older brother. Our second date will be our last. These are the only men I have dated in Saskatoon. I shall go with the truth that they are the bringers of date death and when I see them, I know all hope is lost.

I will also add that in both instances, the brother and sister both appeared to be with his or her significant other. Suffice it to say that if these two can find and sustain committed relationships, there is hope for us all.

Hmm…on the otherhand, if even these two have managed to find and sustain committed relationships before I have, I might just be fucked.

Food for thought.


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