Why I Don’t Answer My Phone

It could be anyone on the other end of the line. Normally when I see a strange number show up on my caller ID, I don’t answer it. But I did last night. It was Captain Sweatpants! Motherfucker. He called just to tell me he had a new number. After months of me not responding to his text messages or answering his phone calls, he thought I’d like to have his new phone number. He texted me later in the night and this was our conversation:

CSP: So where are u partying at tonight. I need to talk to you in person.

Me: About what?

CSP: About i miss u and havnt hard from u a very long time when u trave last

Me: I told you I’m not interested in pursuing anything with you.

CSP: lol so u ssaying are we not friend anymore

Me: I don’t want a relationship with you.

CSP: No i never ask u fro us to get into relationship. We are friend and i know u cool that way am asking for u

Me: Whatever. You wanted to take me on dates. I’m not interested. And I don’t want to sleep with you anymore. We aren’t friends and we never were.

CSP: Whatevery

Do you think he’s finally got it?



3 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Answer My Phone

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