My Roommate is Awesome. Give Her Money.

 Here is a brief synopsis about her that I pulled off a facebook event page. There is an upcoming benefit to raise enough money to pay for the cost of a service dog for her (roughly $9000).

In April 2010 at the age of 28, Tricia went completely blind. She was diagnosed with fluid on the brain and blot clots in the brain. The fluid on her brain put pressure on her optic nerves, which caused the blindness and the blood clots caused debilitating headaches. Tricia has undergone two surgeries to lessen the fluid on her brain and optic nerves in an attempt to regain her vision and will be on warfarin for the rest of her life to prevent any further blood clots from forming. She has regained less than 20% of her vision and is now permanently legally blind. As a result of the blindness and continuing complications, Tricia has developed a social anxiety disorder and her best shot at a more fulfilling life is a Certified Service Dog. This dog has been selected and is currently in training, his name is Theo and he is a Border Collie/Cattle Dog cross. Tricia was once a very independent woman and she would like nothing more than to get her independence back, and Theo will be a big part of that. She is very excited for the opportunity to get a service dog and start her new life.

Tricia is amazing and her positive attitude is inspiring. If you’d like to help, please donate here.


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