The Demise of CSP

I’m sure you all remember CSP (Captain Sweatpants). Well, I’ve been keeping him at a distance due to the goodbye mouth kissing and him saying things like “I want to go on a date with you”. I had sex with him a total of 3 times. 3. That’s it. Apparently 3 is the magic number and as far as casual sex goes, you shouldn’t have sex with someone more than 3 times. I’ve reached my CSP limit. The last time we hooked up was a couple weeks ago. He had been messaging me earlier in the evening and I got back to him around 130am. He woke up to my messages and came over at 2 even though he had to work at 630. Obviously he left shortly after the deed was done, but kissed me goodbye and said he really wants to start spending more time with me, not having sex. And then sent me a text apologizing for having to leave so quickly to go home to bed. I told him I didn’t think he left that quickly (really, he couldn’t leave quickly enough for me). He’s obviously a decent guy, but I know he’s not for me. This is our texting this week, word for word.


1446 Wasup sweetis I been missing u just think to give u a chat and see how u doing

1710 Wasup sweetis I been missing u just think to give u a chat and see how u doing

1815 Hey

1858 oh I see so are u back in town, sorry I was sleeping

1901 hope u have fun working and making money

2243 good night and thanks for not replying me back

2256 Henry, I don’t have to reply back to you on a certain timeline. We’re not dating. I’ve been thinking about it and I don’t think we should. I had fun with the time we spent together, but I don’t want to lead you on.

2301 lol I know we not dating but I injoy my time with u and I love to spend more longer time with u then short time hope u aint mad at me.

2304 No, I’m not mad, but I don’t want the same things you do. And if you are wanting to spend time with me that doesn’t involve just having sex, I don’t think we should see each other at all. I don’t want to hurt you.

2307 ok that fine as for me I like to spend time with u too with our a sex

2320 me too done want to hurt u I need us to spend much more longer time together


0710 that’s what I’m trying to say…I won’t be the one to get hurt because I don’t want to spend time together.

0924 Baby u wont get hurt cause u don’t want to spend time with me…I do care about u that way I message u, and is not cause of sex I away.

0927 message u for I do want our relationship to be bettle and looking to spend good time with u apart from sex.

1121 I’m not worried about getting hurt. I don’t want to spend more time with you. I’m not interested in a relationship with you.

1126 we can be friend I think that will be ok for us

1128 we should go for coff when u not busy

1230 I will like to talke to u on the phone when are free is that ok with u.

1654 I’m away inSaskatoonmost of this week and next for work and then I’m on holidays for a couple weeks

1738 wow am happy to hear u have a one week holiday I think we will have chance to spend some good time toethere.

1739 I’m going away for my vacation

2117 oh I see sounds like a fun going for vacation


1425 hey am coming to toon on Friday

1431 I’m going to Stoon tomorrow and coming back Friday

1433 ok can I come with u I have to pick up some document if u don’t mind

1437 umm No, I’m going for work

1438 Ok

1510 I though u well in toon

1511 I will be

1514 So u going to toon tomorrow and come back Friday

1515 Yeah

1518 wow me too coming back Friday I just have to pick up some of my document

1519 cool

1521 Yeah can I get a ride with u please

1522 just ride lol

1523 Why don’t you drive yourself?

1524 My car have problem

1525 How were you going to get toSaskatoon then?

1526 Take the bus

I stopped talking to him at this point. We’re not friends, why would I give this guy a ride and have to sit in a car with him for a 5 hour round trip? I’m choosing to ignore him from this point on. He’s not getting it.


4 thoughts on “The Demise of CSP

  1. Yah, move on. He’s not getting it.
    oh hell…. the fact that he wears sweat pants on a regular basis is enough to stop talking to him.
    Good idea to not respond to his texts anymore…. you’re both looking for different things.
    Best to stop the communication before he goes all psycho.

  2. Is it sad that I feel bad for this guy. He sounds very lonley and reeks of desperation like he should be on the first Sex and the City movie, crying because Big doesn’t want to Marry him and then goes and ruins a perfectly good vacation.

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