So, I haven’t written in weeks. At times, I’ve been busy, sick, tired, and in a general funk. I’m not making any real plans this weekend and just want to relax and catch up with my lovely readers 🙂 I’m going to start from today and work my way back.

This has been a long week. I got back from vegas on Monday (I’ll dedicate a separate post to that trip!) and I got up at 5am on Tuesday morning to drive to Saskatoon for work. For those of you not from around here, Saskatoon is a city 2 hours away from Regina. It was a nice trip. After being in Vegas for 5 nights, it was nice to have a quiet hotel room all to myself. I missed Walter though. I only got to see him for one night before I had to leave again. I felt bad about doing that, he always misses me so much when I go away. And Baby Kitty is so needy that she puts my roommate Tricia in the mom role and is up in her face more than usual. I go back to Saskatoon on Tuesday morning again for 3 days, so I’m just enjoying my time at home this weekend and trying to get some laundry done. So far I’ve washed 2 loads, had a nap, watched a couple episodes of The Nanny, and ate some kfc.

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