I flew to Las Vegas on the 11th and came back on the 16th. It was a great trip overall, with minimal drama. My friend Aubrie invited me to go with her since she was going for a travel conference. Since I didn’t get to go last year, I was all over it! Then it turned out that my bff and her friend were also going to vegas and would be there at the exact same time as us. We bought a few groupons together and made plans to hook up throughout our trip. I apologize for the lack of pictures right now. I forgot to bring my camera and any pictures that we did take are on Aubrie’s camera and I don’t have copies of them yet.


Aubrie and the girls had a super early flight that left Regina around 6am. I had a later flight that didn’t leave until 2. I got into vegas around 8 or so I think, after a stop in Calgary. I caught a cab to our hotel, Paris. My cab driver’s name was Vic (tall, middle-eastern, slicked back hair) and after the obligatory jokes about being from Regina, he told me a lot about himself on the ride to the hotel. For instance, he moved from L.A. 6 years ago and he has his own window and blind company. But then the U.S. economy crashed and his business is now in a storage container and he drives a cab to pay his bills until he’s back on his feet again. He started asking me who I was meeting up with in vegas and I told him some friend. “Just friends? Not a boyfriend or a husband?” Nope, just friends. So then he told me how he knows all the best spots in vegas and could really show me the city and gave me his number. He told me to call him anytime. Friendly.

Once I got in, Aubrie and I went for supper and I had a half-yard of margarita. It was yummy, but a bit much after a long day and made me tired. We called it an early night and just went to bed.


Aubrie and I spent the day wandering around the strip, checking out hotels and doing a bit of shopping. We ended up at a bar in our hotel, having some drinks outside. The girls were done by this time so they met us there and we took advantage of the 2 for 1 specials and got a little buzzed. A guy came along to see if we wanted to be on the guest list for the club for Friday or Saturday. I said both and told him to put it under Amy Fucking Campbell. The girls left to go get ready for the pubcrawl we’d booked for that night so Aubrie and I wandered over to the mall. I don’t remember exactly why we needed to go there, but we did, and ended up doing some drunk shopping lol All excellent purchases though. Aub bought a hot dress and I picked up some jewellery.

The pub crawl was so much fun! I highly recommend going on one. In fact, when I go back, I’d go on 2 pub crawls. It takes all the guess work out of your evening. Rides are taken care of, if one bar sucks, you leave in an hour anyways, you get free drinks, short lineups, and instant friends. So, Aubrie and I get all ready to go and decide we can walk from Paris to Aria, but it was farther away than we thought. I was at least in flats. Poor Aubrie was in super high heels. My memories are fuzzy, but I do remember the following:

-Chugging beer on the limo bus

-Dancing on the stripper pole on the bus

-Forgetting names of the people I just met and calling them by their city instead.

-Being known as the crazy Canadians

-Stopping to talk to some British guys in one of the casinos

-Stopping to talk to some men sitting at slot machines at the last casino we were at (Luxor). Aubrie got stuck talking to the guy who was a dick and managed to be rude while hitting on her at the same time. I don’t remember what the guy I was talking to was saying, but I do remember he told me a lot about his life, like his family, his work, music, etc.

I don’t even know all the places we went to. We started at Aria in one of the bars and then down to their club. From there, I don’t know. I remember the club looking very white and the lady bartender kept winking at me. Then we ended at Luxor. My one friend kept shoving drinks from the bus into her purse and ended up breaking a bottle inside her purse at the end of the night lol


I woke up the next morning around noon and looked in my purse for the camera to check out pictures from the pubcrawl. On the camera there are pictures of me on the pole on the bus and my dress is riding up pretty far. I’m pretty sure people saw my ass after that picture was snapped.
And what sort of treasures did I find in my purse while grabbing the camera? A bloody kleenex and 6 foil wrapped pads of butter. I have no idea where I got either.

Aubrie was busy at her conference all day and into the evening so I bummed around all day and then walked down the strip to meet the other two girls for supper at Dick’s. If you’ve never been there, it’s an interesting experience. They act like dicks and treat you however they want. They slam food on your table, make you wear hats that say things like “I swallow” and “I swear, it’s just razor burn”. The funniest part of being there was the family sitting beside us who clearly didn’t realize what it was. It was a married couple with their teenage daughter, maybe about 15, and their 12 or so year old son. The daughter got a hat that said “my parents think I’m still a virgin”. Her father was not impressed, but we sure found it funny. The girls were still pretty hungover from the night before so they just went back to their hotel room and I walked back to my hotel. It was about a half hour walk, but an enjoyable one. You get a lot of catcalls when you’re walking alone. I stopped to talk to one of those guys who is always trying to offer you entry into clubs. He gave me passes into 10 or so clubs and told me which ones were the best and then hit on me and wouldn’t let me leave without hugging him. So I hugged him. He made me laugh. And he couldn’t stop staring at my tits the whole time I was talking to him. After I got back and Aubrie was finished with her banquet, we had some drinks, but decided not to go out.


By the time Saturday rolled around, I was realizing it was really hard to meet up with the other two girls. Not for a lack of Aubrie and I trying, but they didn’t seem to want to put in a whole lot of effort or go out of their way. So I ended up spending the day by myself, wandering around while the girls went shopping again and Aubrie was at her conference. We had a stipper class booked for that night so we all did eventually meet up. Stripper 101 was so fun! Our instructor was a young woman who has been dancing for about 4 years. She taught us a sexy chair dance and then showed up some pole moves. The pole is hard. I haven’t gotten around to taking my pole dancing fitness classes yet, but after doing that one class, I can see how a person could get pretty ripped doing that on a regular basis! I have an official pink stripper license card now lol Our original plan for after the class was to grab some supper and then go out to Fremont or to a club. The girls ended up ditching us and just went back to their hotel so Aubrie and I had a nice supper and some drinks and attempted to go out, but we didn’t like the one club we were at so we went back to our room and hung out with Gus (a friend of Aubrie’s from San Antonio who shared our room) and spent the rest of the night giggling like a bunch of schoolgirls.


Fuck it was hard to organize anything with these girls! Our original plans of seeing Thunder Down Under fell through so we suggested X Burlesque. They weren’t interested so Aubrie and I decided to say fuck it and bought tickets anyways. We gave up on the other two and spent the day checking out Fremont and then went to X Burlesque that night. Amazing show! It was sexy as hell and those women are crazy talented athletes. They have former ballet dancers and olympians dancing in the show. The audience was 85% male since it was a topless revue lol At times, I just watched the audience and the men would full-body move in uniform formation wherever the women went. This was our last night in Vegas and we had to be at the airport the next morning so we called it an early night. Aubrie was getting sick and my stomach was in turmoil from all the rich food and sugary drinks.


My flight didn’t leave until 130, but I went to the airport with Aubrie anyways since I didn’t want to sit around the hotel by myself and her flight left at 1145. Since I checked in early, WestJet put me on the earlier, direct flight at no extra charge! Sweet! If they hadn’t done that, I wouldn’t have gotten in until 1015pm, but was back in Regina by 330 instead.

This is the brief synopsis. Nothing too crazy went on, and I think I would do it differently next time. Next time, I want to stay on Fremont because it seems really fun. And I will never try to organize 2 groups of people like that. It was just a downer when they didn’t want to do anything. My friend’s friend was an emotional wreck for most of the trip and that just affected the whole mood whenever w e did meet up. So, lesson learned and I know how to have an even better time next time!


So, I haven’t written in weeks. At times, I’ve been busy, sick, tired, and in a general funk. I’m not making any real plans this weekend and just want to relax and catch up with my lovely readers 🙂 I’m going to start from today and work my way back.

This has been a long week. I got back from vegas on Monday (I’ll dedicate a separate post to that trip!) and I got up at 5am on Tuesday morning to drive to Saskatoon for work. For those of you not from around here, Saskatoon is a city 2 hours away from Regina. It was a nice trip. After being in Vegas for 5 nights, it was nice to have a quiet hotel room all to myself. I missed Walter though. I only got to see him for one night before I had to leave again. I felt bad about doing that, he always misses me so much when I go away. And Baby Kitty is so needy that she puts my roommate Tricia in the mom role and is up in her face more than usual. I go back to Saskatoon on Tuesday morning again for 3 days, so I’m just enjoying my time at home this weekend and trying to get some laundry done. So far I’ve washed 2 loads, had a nap, watched a couple episodes of The Nanny, and ate some kfc.