1st World Problems: Searching for Eyeliner

So, I love Shopper’s Drug Mart. It’s one of my favourite stores. And most of the time, I find the women in the Beauty Boutique to be very friendly and helpful. Most of the time.

Back in December, I needed a black, waterproof, liquid eyeliner. So I went in to Shopper’s. The lady asked if she could help me find something and I told her exactly what I was looking for. She pointed me in the direction of Lise Watier. I love Lise Watier cosmetics. There is some great stuff there. And the beauty rep told me they had a really great waterproof liner that was new for the holidays. Great. Sold. I get home and try it out and it’s sparkly. Not really sparkly, more shimmery. It’s quite lovely, but not what I wanted. However, it was the holiday season so I kept it.

This past weekend was a Shopper’s points event where I could spend my points and get up to $100 worth of free stuff, instead of the $85 that I had accumulated. So I decided to look for a black, waterproof, liquid eyeliner again. I went to a different Shopper’s drug mart and told the beauty rep (the bitchy one who is working every single time I go in there) exactly what I was looking for. Since I was already in front of the Lise Watier display, she suggested that brand and found me a black, waterproof, liquid eyeliner. I said to her, “Now this is just black, right? It’s not sparkly or shimmery or anything like that? It’s just black?” She responded with, “Yes.” I said, “Are you sure?” Again, she said, “Yes.” I believed her. She should know what she’s doing, right? Wrong. I get home and open up the eyeliner and it’s the exact same shimmery liner the other rep sold me. What are the chances?! How hard is it to give me what I want when you’re the expert and I detail for you exactly what I am looking for? This time, I returned it. At a different Shopper’s. And that rep exchanged it for me. I haven’t tried the new one out yet, but my hopes are high.


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