The Bar Was Weird

So, I had kind of a weird night. I had 3 birthday parties to attend, but I only made it to one. I’m still not feeling quite myself so I wasn’t all pumped up to be going out. I didn’t even plan on drinking. Once I got there, the birthday girl was happy to see me, and as is often the case, I felt a little pressure to bring out a certain side of me: the fun, party side. Normally, I’m happy to do this. But with the way I’ve been feeling, it just wasn’t in me to be that person tonight. I tried. I had more drinks than I had planned on, and got a nice little buzz going early on. I decided to surtay where I was because I was too drunk to drive anywhere else, but I was also too sober to really enjoy myself. And the bar was weird.

O’Hanlon’s is a nice pub atmosphere. Except on Saturdays. On Saturdays, it turns into every other dirty club in the city. The people there confused me. Hipster boys in plaid with their bar star girlfriends, men and women pierced and tattooed on every visible inch of their bodies, douchebags in sideways hats and Ed Hardy, men in suits, women in 5 inch heels and mini skirts, and the 3 black guys. And every single one of them was trying so hard to look like they weren’t trying. It felt like, if you were to interview all these people, they’d all bitch about the caliber of people who go to Habano’s or Pure, and how they hate clubs and would never be caught dead there, but they ALL immediately start singing and dancing when Destiny’s Child’s “Say My Name” starts playing (I witnessed this tonight).

I came home at 1230. That was enough for me.

PS. I’ve noticed a new trend in the men who are interested in me. Middle eastern guys are all up on this these days.

PPS. Even though I didn’t particularly enjoy the men I encountered tonight, I did enjoy their height. All the tall men in Regina are hiding out at O’Hanlon’s on a Saturday night.