Wear Me Down

I had a date tonight. Just a first meet, a coffee date. With a guy from pof. You know, it’s interesting the men I choose to actually meet in person. It’s like I don’t choose them at all, they just wear me down (That’s how I discovered BSM). This guy has been asking me out for about 3 weeks. I cancelled on him yesterday, and almost did it again tonight, but figured, why not? All in all, it was a nice meeting. He was polite, had some funny moments, he paid for my tea, asked me questions, and complimented me.

So, let me tell you the reasons I won’t be dating him.

1. He wore sweat pants. Sure, they were nice sweat pants, but come on! You can at least throw on some jeans to meet Amy Campbell!

2. He ordered and ate wings. This would be fine if we were on a wing-night date. But we weren’t. It was messy and he shoved the whole wing in his mouth and pulled it out. And he talked with his mouth full. However, he does get credit for immediately excusing himself from the table when he was finished to go wash his hands and clean his teeth.

3. Although I understood most of what he said, he had an accent and spoke in a low voice so I didn’t always catch what he was saying. I admit, there were a few times I was just smiling and nodding.

4. He went on waaayyyy too long about a story involving him working in Edmonton and his boss not paying him so he had to quit.

5. At the end of our 40-minute date, he walked me to my car and asked if he could sit in it with me for a few minutes before he went home. I said no.

On the otherhand, he is pretty good-looking and I suspect has a rockin’ bod under those sweatpants….


11 thoughts on “Wear Me Down

  1. Oh, man. Wings are definitely not a first date food choice! (Especially if you were going to meet for coffee…)

    Did he have it all over his face? I once went on a date with someone and the whole time he had food on his face. Unfortunately I didn’t have it in me to let him know.

    We never went on another date. 😛

  2. My most recent “first meet” was with a doctor who appeared to be in the closet, but complimented me on the fact that he could see down my shirt when we were playing pool and I had “nice jugs.” Cheque, please!

  3. Holy Moly.

    I guess life would be boring if men just walked around with t-shirts that read: “Warning! I’m a total fuck wad.”

    Just a few thoughts….
    1. I appauld your kindness in not ditching him as soon as you saw his damn sweatpants. Unless the dude is in a gym it’s NEVER OK to be wearing sweat pants.
    2. It perplexes me why wings were even on the menu??? Again, kudos to you for not walking out right away. You’re certainly kinder than I am.
    3. Christ on a cracker. Marble Mouths need to speak up, or shut up.
    4. You are not there to listen to him go on about boring irrelevant topics. He should have used that opportunity to explain WHY he is even worthy of your prescence.
    5. “Sit in your car”…. ahhh, aren’t horny men just charmers?? Wow. Lovely.

    I hope to hell he paid the bill.

  4. Trust me, there are good ones out there. I dated on match.com on and off for two years. Job interviewing, I called it. I hit the jackpot, motherlode, eureka almost 6 years ago.

    You gotta date some frogs along the way, but hang in there, never lower your standards and have fun with it.


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