Ramble Block

I think I have blogger’s block. All kinds of funny, stupid, and regular things have been happening in my life and I can’t seem to come up with the motivation to write about any of them. So I’m going to just start spewing randomly and see how it goes. My apologies for the twists and turns and tangents. Strike that. No apologies. How I write is essentially how I talk.

As far as my weight loss goes, I’ve been at a bit of a standstill. Total lack of motivation and not really caring. I’ve been feeling a lot of anxiety lately and very disorganized. And sometimes I just feel generally behind my peers. I remind myself that my path doesn’t have to match anyone else’s, but sometimes, I just want to fit in, you know? So with that thought, I’ve been reading my own blog and reminding myself why I started doing this in the first place, and I’m going back to the rules. I need to constantly supervise myself or else I will make poor choices. I haven’t done an official weigh day in a few weeks so I’m definitely going to post one tomorrow.

I went to deep water aquasize last night. The first class I went to, it was near the beginning of the course and things were pretty basic. It shows that I didn’t go for two and a half weeks. The instructor upped the intensity. My legs were killing me when I got home last night and when I went to zumba tonight, my legs were shaking. Tonight’s zumba class was different than the other ones I’ve been to. I go to Gold’s gym in the south end of Regina and those classes are go-go-go. It’s pretty much a full hour of intense fun, learn as you go. Tonight was a class at the neighbourhood centre in Cathedral. I signed up for it because my work friend Kim wanted to go and she wouldn’t go without a buddy. So I agreed I would go if it gave her the motivation to get into a fitness routine also. She missed the first class! Granted, she did have the only excuse I told her I would accept for her missing a class (son’s hockey game). Anyways, it was a totally different vibe than the classes I normally go to. The instructor is the mom of someone I work with and approximately 2/3rds of the women in the class were over 40 with a number of those ones being over 50. It was much lower impact and we only did 6 or so songs, plus warmup and cool down. She showed us all the moves we would be doing before each song. It was a nice change to have an idea of what would be happening and actually have the moves explained rather than trying to master them on the fly. That being said, I do hope it gets faster.

My mom called my last Saturday night. There’s nothing really ususual about that, except that it was at midnight. The only time my parents call me that late is if something is wrong so I was a little worried when I answered the phone. But she couldn’t sleep and just wanted to say hello and figured there would be a good chance I’d be awake. I was, of course. I was just getting ready for bed. She really rolled the dice on that one though. Calling me on a Saturday night? 9 times out of 10 she’d be getting drunk Amy. And then who knows where the conversation would go. While drinking, I once called my mom and said “Vagina skulls. Hard as fuck” and then hung up. I also once called her from a party just to say hello. She asked me if I knew what time it was. I said yes, 330 (am).

I haven’t been drinking as much as I used to. Which is good I suppose, except that it hasn’t been a conscious effort so far. It’s odd for me not to want to go out and party.

Have you ever received this text message? “I meant to ask you something. Some Mark guy on facebook says he knows you and keeps asking me for your number. Like about 5 times. You want me to forward your number to him? I copied his profile pic to this link.” And then it gives you a link to click on. My friend at work sends that to me and I immediately forward it to a bunch of people. And show it to a bunch of people at work. I love working with hilarious, laid-back people. Some of the comments? We told one guy to forward it to his girlfriend and he said “No! She needs to be happy with what she has!” Another guy looked at it and said “I wonder why they changed my skin colour?” And my favourite is when my work friend forwarded it to her friend who happens to be married to someone we work with at the outage centre (he’s black) and he sends a message saying “Why are you sending my wife pictures of guys with small dicks?”

There’s some stuff I’m working on that I will share with you in the near future. I’m kind of excited about

I’m going to sleep now.


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