My Holiday Challenges

I know it’s already well into the Christmas season, but it’s never too late for a challenge. Or challenges. I’m already failing at a couple of them lol

1. Be aware of your calories. Research those snacks and track them! There are 60 calories in one measly icy square. 60! You’d have to walk for 20 minutes to burn 3 of them off.

2. If you must (as I must), have a taste of whatever is there and then go away.

3. At those big, delicious Christmas meals around every corner, wait at least 20 minutes after eating to decide if you really really really want that second helping.

4. Don’t give yourself a free day on Christmas. Find a way to get in at least 30 minutes of activity on Christmas day or eve. Whenever your big meal is.

5. At least 180 minutes of exercise between now and New Year’s Day that doesn’t involve going to the gym (unless you try something new at the gym) or your usual routine. It’s a great time of year for sledding, afternoon walks, playing with children (preferably ones you know), charades, twister, Wii with your cousins, building a snowman, etc.


4 thoughts on “My Holiday Challenges

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