Farmer Blow

Does everyone know what a farmer blow is? In regards to snot? When you’re working outside, you don’t always have a kleenex with you when your nose starts to run. One solution is, of course, to just wipe it on your sleeve. Another is the blow and toss. For those of you unfamiliar, position your thumb and index finger on either side of your nose. Blow as hard as you can, then pinch your nose while quickly pulling your hand away from your face and down to the side, flinging the offending nose strings safely to the ground, or onto the feet of the person standing next to you.

And finally, we have the farmer blow. Plug one nostril with your finger of choice, tilt your head slightly, and blow. Not so hard that your ears pop and your brain shakes loose, but hard enough that anyone standing around you will be grossed out when the whatnot comes flying out of your nose. Why this blog occurred to me right now is not important, but what is important is my advice. If you have long hair, it is important to pull it out of the way before attempting the farmer blow. Because even if you are doing the more refined version of this move and have a kleenex to catch it, if the kleenex is even slightly out of position, your hair will act as the net. (I just made myself gag a little while writing this. I hope you do the same while reading.) Also, more often than not when I try to spit, I just end up dribbling it down the front of my shirt.

2 thoughts on “Farmer Blow

  1. Some super crazy old lady at my gym did the last one on the treadmill…needless to say, no matter how well that one machine has been cleaned or how busy the gym is, I will never go on that machine…EVER. lol.

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