My Week

So, I’ve started this new project at work and I really like it. Right now I’m in the testing mode, trying to break a new system that will be rolling out in the new year. It’s great! I work with great, fun people, I get my downtown parking paid for, I’m Monday to Friday like a regular person, and I get fed. The getting fed is a perk and a drawback. They bring in breakfast and lunch for us every day except Wednesdays (I’m not sure why hump day is also no food day. Well, they give us breakfast that day, but no lunch). Some days, it’s good in terms of health, and other days, not so much. For instance, one breakfast was pancakes, sausage, and bacon. Another was muffins and yogurt. Another was cinnamon buns and fruit. Lunch has been things like chicken fingers and fries, crab cakes and rice pilaf, lasagna, and soup and sandwiches. It’s been a test for my willpower and portion control. I’m happy to report that I feel successful so far. I always make sure to grab a yogurt (low-calorie, low sugar) and a piece of fruit and maybe a granola bar or bag of veggies before I leave in the morning so that if I don’t want can resist what they’re serving, I won’t starve and make poor choices later.

Supper this week has been a different story. I’m loving the Monday to Friday and the social aspect it’s brought back into my life, but going out for supper and/or drinks almost every night is not going to help me in the long run. On Tuesday I went for wine and appetizers at Moxies, Thursday was Bushwakker’s for mead (Blackberry mead that they only make once a year and limit you to two 12oz glasses) and a wild boar burger and fries. And Friday was Bushwakker’s for mead and a veggie burger and fries. I know, fries two nights in a row is a bad idea. But I only know one person who doesn’t like Bushwakker’s fries and she once broke my bed so she can’t be trusted. They’re homemade and served with malt vinegar.

There was a fire alarm one day this week and we had to evacuate our building. I walked the 5 flights back up to our floor. The near-death experience I had suggests I desperately need to get back into a regular gym routine.