Peas, Puppies, and Pole Dancing


I hate peas. Not all peas. Just your basic frozen pea. I also hate carrots done in the same manner. I can stand them in a soup, but that’s about it.  (I should mention that it’s only the cooking process that grosses me out. Raw carrots and peas are divine) My parents and I went to Houston Pizza for supper. I ordered the pork souvlaki with a baked potato and greek salad. Actually, that’s what we all ordered. The salad was full of purple onions. I’m also not a big onion fan, so I picked all the large, offensive pieces out and essentially turned my Mom’s greek salad into an onion salad. As for the vegetables, the basic mixed vegetable combination found in grocer’s freezers is the worst. Just…the worst. Carrots, peas, and corn. Yuck! It’s my own personal vegetable hell. I tried to pick out some kernels of corn, but each kernel had been tainted by tiny pieces of green and orange evil and were barely edible, even on their own. Check out the remains…




Every year for Christmas, Walter gets a new stuffed bear. The last two have been Christmas bears, really soft and fuzzy. This year, he’s getting his very own puppy to play with. It’s soft, fuzzy, and wearing a Christmas hat. He’s going to be so excited! One medium stuffed animal generally lasts him a year. He pulls about half or a little more of the stuffing out within the first hour of receiving his gift, and then falls asleep with the remains in his mouth. The bear becomes more and more ragged as the year wears on, small pockets of stuffing gradually discovered and gleefully ripped out. It has reached a point where he cannot go to bed without finding his bear first. He refuses to play tug of war with his bear. If you pick it up, he will try to take it back from you by grabbing the bear as close to your hand as possible and gently tugging. If it rips during this process (because YOU are too rough with it), he will not be impressed. By the time summer is over, the bear is nothing more than a carcass, a mere shell of a bear in Christmas clothes. Walter carries it still, he loves his bear. Last year, I eased him into his new bear. He had them both for about a week before he started forgetting about his old one and I could throw it away. This year, he managed to leave it outside and it’s buried in the snow now. I don’t give him his gift until Christmas day. It’s tradition. But in the meantime, I did buy him a little Santa as a pre-Christmas gift. Here he is, enjoying his Santa….




I’m taking pole dancing lessons! I know, I know. I just got that much sexier. Gentlemen, please form an orderly queue. There was a sweet deal on DealFind: 20 sessions for $20. And since it was my first purchase from this site, it only cost me $15! Two of my other girlfriends have signed up as well. Stay tuned for detailed descriptions of exactly what it involves…



4 thoughts on “Peas, Puppies, and Pole Dancing

  1. Pole dancing is such an incredible work out! I wish you the best of luck, you won’t regret sticking with it! Don’t be afraid of a few pole kisses (bruises is such an ugly word!) and most importantly, let loose and have fun. I’m definitely the most awkward pole dancer out, but I sure love it :).

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