Day Zero List

1. Post in my blog on a weekly basis

2. Send flowers anonymously to a friend in need

3. Send Christmas cards to family and friends

4. Send a handwritten letter

5. Ask someone out on a date

6. Ask for a cute guy’s number and then use it

7. Take a yoga class

8. Take a class at Diva Den

9. Lose 50 pounds

10. Lose 75 pounds

11. Lose 100 pounds

12. Reach goal weight

13. Find a new hobby

14. Leave and inspirational note inside a book for someone to find

15. Leave a 100% tip

16. Learn to drive horses

17. Try at least one new recipe every month

18. Read 50 new books

19. Write a short story

20. Write a list of 101 things I’ve already achieved in this lifetime

21. Go to a fortune teller

22. Go back to school

23. Get a tattoo

24. Complete NaNoWriMo

25. Learn to knit

26. Design and sew a dress

27. Donate blood

28. Do some volunteer work

29. Go through all my boxes in the garage and only keep the things that are really necessary

30. Give away my clothes as I shrink

31. Go 3 months without eating fast food

32. Write 10 letters to 10 friends telling them what they mean to me

33. Save a 3-month emergency fund

34. Create a budget and stick to it

35. Clean my junk room

36. Get Baby Kitty fixed

37. Clean my car

38. Take a long road trip

39. Kiss someone who matters at midnight on New Year’s

40. Watch The Godfather trilogy

41. Have a Star Wars movie marathon

42. Take a self-defense class

43. Watch the sunrise and sunset in the same day

44. Go to Las Vegas

45. Do 5 things that terrify me

46. Give up alcohol for a month

47. Go bungee jumping

48. Learn Spanish

49. Create a piece of art

50. Walk the dog every day for 21 days

51. Pay for a stranger’s order at the drive thru

52. Make a new friend

53.  Take a trip just to see a band

54. Take a trip by train

55. Visit the Anne of Green Gables house

56. Learn to walk in heels

57. Learn to whistle

58. Take a picture every day for a month

59. Take a picture of myself every day for a month

60. Take a vacation or roadtrip by myself

61. Stay at a hotel for a weekend for no reason

62. Walk through a corn maze

63. Run a mile

64. Compliment someone everyday for a week

65. Keep a plant alive for a year

66. Write a collection of poems

67. Say “yes” to something I would not normally do

68. Get a complete medical check-up

69. Eat vegan for a weekend

70. Do a random act of kindness for a stranger

71. Grow something I can eat

72. Do open mic night at a comedy club

73. Make sushi

74. Change my name for a day and do things I wouldn’t normally do

75. Help someone do something they thought they couldn’t do

76. Write a letter to myself to be opened when the 1001 days are over

77. Write a letter to someone I admire

78. Write a will, complete with funeral instructions

79. Write a detailed zombie apocalypse plan

80. Plant a window box her garden

81. Ride a roller coaster that goes upside down

82. Procure a tea set and have a tea party

83. Compliment one person everyday for 10 days straight

84. Keep a dream journal for a month

85. Bake bread and buns from scratch

86. Go to the dentist

87. Build a gingerbread house

88. Go to the symphony

89. Give someone a handmade gift

90. Give a gift to someone I’ve never given a gift to before

91. Get in touch with an old friend

92. Get new glasses

93. Go skinny dipping

94. Host an old-fashioned slumber party

95. Loan to

96. Go to Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan

97. Learn to dance

98. Wear red lipstick every day for a week

99. Brew my own alcohol

100. Donate to the Food Bank during grocery store trips

101. Build a snowman


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