Amy’s Fun Food Facts

Here are some more fun facts about me:

I don’t like it when there are grooves in the butter. You know the butter knives that are just a little too serrated? They leave grooves behind. I hate it.

I like to eat the onion and batter of an onion ring separately. Usually sucking the onion out first.

When I am eating a sesame seed bun, I must pick off all the sesame seeds and crunch them and then will bite the “clean” area of the bun.

When I order a hamburger and it has anything on it other than ketchup and cheese, I will eat the other toppings separately. And first.

When I am eating a pizza that has meat (excpet hawaiian), I will eat the meat first. I’m not a fan of salami or ham (unless with pineapple) or back bacon, so this will usually be pepperoni. This may include pulling the cheese back and separating the pepperoni from the cheese and crust and eating it first. I will also do this with mushrooms. And sometimes green peppers. Also, sometimes I will then eat the cheese separately and then eat the crust. It really depends on where the pizza is from. Sometimes the sauce is my favourite part, so I eat the crust last.

When I get a sub, I never, ever put pickles on it. But I always, always get pickles on the side.

I don’t drink coffee because I don’t like the taste. But I love the smell and other things that taste like coffee. I like chocolate covered coffee beans.

I like strawberries, but I hate almost anything that tastes like them. Or smells like them.

It takes me a really long time to drink a juice box. I prefer grape or raspberry. They’re tart and I take little bursts at a time so I can savour it.

I love orange juice. Sometimes, I’ll take a bite of black liquorice and suck on it for awhile, and then take a sip of orange juice. It tastes weird and pleases me.

I think that’s enough for now.


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