Weigh Day (Pre-Mexico)

I didn’t have time to post before I left for Mexico, but the day that I left, I weighed myself and had lost 2.5 pounds. I fully expected to gain that back during my week of vacation. I decided not to go to the gym while I was there. Which seemed like a good move. My one girlfriend brought along her gym gear in the hopes of going every morning. She never made it even once. The week was about celebrating, which we did epically. No regrets. I was a little fearful when I stepped on the scale when I got home though. And I was right to fear. It told me I’d gained around 14 pounds! 14! Now just settle down, breathe. Look at your ankles. They are non-existent and it looks like you have a second set of knees by your feet. Clearly the water pills did not work as great as expected. (But they did work a little. I was definitely less swollen than last time. Even with more drinking.) It’s not quite a week later yet and I’m only about 3 pounds over what I was pre-Mexico. Piece of cake! Or apple. Whatever.


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