Horror Movie Sunday

I was on midnights all weekend (7pm-7am) so I didn’t do a whole heck of a lot. Mainly worked and slept. My last shift was Sunday so Rachel and I made plans for after I/we woke up. We went to Subway for lunch. I had a yummy footlong turkey and ham, no cheese sub. mmmm Subway. Totally left my coupons at home though so we both had to pay full price. She told me all about her weekend which had included seeing William Shatner on Friday night. He was passing through Regina on his tour and if anyone loves Shatner, it’s Rachel. You should see her Captain’s Pose 😉 From there we went back to my place to watch scary movies. We started with Grace. We didn’t know this at the time, but the movie was filmed in Regina. It wasn’t exactly scary, but it was definitely fucked up. A woman delivers her stillborn baby and loves her back to life. But it’s clear that the baby is still dead and lives on blood rather than milk. You know how men feel the pain of watching videos of other men get hit in the groin? Well, there were a lot of moments in this movie that I would classify as the female equivalent with breasts.

Next was the remake of Nightmare on Elm St. I had mistakenly bought it, not really looking at the cover. We wanted something to really scare us. This did not. It sucked. Hard. Sure, I jumped a couple of times. I always do. But I wasn’t scared. I have nightmares quite easily after watching scary movies, and I had none last night. Fail.

From there we went to Wok Box (which Rachel thought meant Edo, even though Wok Box was her suggestion) and picked up some yummy eats (Butter Chicken for me) on our way to her boyfriend’s house for a couple more movies. 30 Days of Night was first. I.Love.this.movie. I know some people hate it, but I don’t care. The vampires are intense. I saw it twice in the theatre and own a copy of it. I know what is going to happen and I still jump.

We ended the night with Doom. It was good, I enjoyed it. I doubt I’ll ever watch it again though. I didn’t like the videogame style at the end, and I don’t like Dwayne Johnson.

I was a little tense and jumpy on my drive home. But not bad. I think I need to watch something really really scary. Suggestions?

Sick? Again? Really?

I’m sick. Again. I’ve got to get back into my vitamin routine. Nothing major and I’m hoping it stays that way. I have a cough, sore throat, and I just feel tired and run-down.