I’m Back, Baby!

Hello again, my adoring public. How is everyone? I’ve missed you! I know, I’ve been absent for much too long. I’ve been busy and just haven’t felt like blogging. Last night I logged into google reader and had over 600 unread blog posts. I’ve got a lot of reading to do. I’m going to start catching you up on my life with last weekend. It was my Dad’s 60th birthday yesterday so Mom and I planned a surprise party for him last Saturday. It went great, he was definitely surprised. For a few hours leading up to the party, Mom was convinced that he knew about it and was messing with her, asking her to do things that kept her away from the house. And then he seemed to be finding extra work for himself to do outside, and then she was worried about how we’d get him to shower and change in time for the party without telling him. I had to run interference and continuously stop her from telling him and come up with convincing lies we could tell him. And if Dad had been messing with Mom, he would have been doing a great job lol She was ready to pull her hair out. And his. What he has left.

When I wasn’t helping get ready for the party, I was out in the field helping Dad haul bales from across the valley and back home again. I’m going to post a bunch of pictures of the area at the end of the post. It’s a really beautiful time of year. I also helped Mom bring in the rest of the garden. There were fresh strawberries!! And she sent me home with a giant box of tomatoes (I’m going to make sauce and salsa), tons of potatoes, pickles, raspberries, beets, swiss chard, and squash. Mmmmm

As far as my weight loss goes, I’ve been lacking some serious motivation. I didn’t even have my usual weigh day last week because my week was so sucky. I was a little worried when I got home from the farm. I didn’t record anything and it seemed to me that I was eating a lot. But I stepped on the scale when I got back on Monday night and there wasn’t anything to be worried about. I’m just used to eating 5 or 6 meals a day and with being at the farm, we ate 3 meals a day so naturally I was hungrier at meal times. So I’m definitely doing a weigh day this week. I think I’ll do it Saturday instead of Friday though. I’m on midnights and it’s hard to get an accurate reading when my sleep pattern is off.

Picture time!


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