Spa Day

I had a spa day yesterday. It wasn’t a reward because if you know me, you know that I like to treat myself fairly often. I like to go to Jane’s Skincare and Day Spa and every few months, they’ll have a special like this. So I got….

A manicure (OPI Suzi Takes The Wheel)







A Pedicure (OPI Get in the Expresso Lane)





And a facial






Carmen is usually the one who does my nails and face during these specials and she’s so sweet. She’s a chatty little lady who is always so complimentary. I don’t have very good skin and she always has something nice to say about it anyways. Like, “the good thing about oily skin is you don’t get wrinkles. Would you like some of mine?’ Or how about “Underneath it all, your skin is really beautiful. Your forehead and around your eyes is so soft.” Thanks Carmen.

After my spa day, I came home and mixed up some crab cakes for supper I was having with my friend Rachel. I found a simple recipe on the Kraft website. I’m a very good cook. But when I screw something up, it’s pretty epic. I’m not sure what I did wrong. Maybe I should have squeezed some more liquid out of the crab or maybe I should have actually measured the water I put in, but they were super super runny so they didn’t fry up very well. Basically they ended up being small piles of mush that did not stick together at all. Oh, and the only dressing I had in the house was Uncle Ben’s and it had dried cranberries in it so this is what I spent a good 20 minutes doing….








I then found out that neither Rachel or myself enjoys sauteed eggplant. Yuck. The peppers and zucchini were’t that great either. Something about sauteeing…it never turns out quite right for me. Rach brought the salad. It was spinach, red onion, red pepper, and a raspberry walnut vinaigrette. An interesting combination to say the least, but surprisingly not terrible. Overall though, ridiculous meal. We went to DQ afterwards to reward ourselves for doing so spectacularly horrible. I had a small cherry sundae with pecans. Yum!



5 thoughts on “Spa Day

  1. What a fantastic nail lacquer color is on your fingers! I will check out OPI stand for sure, hope they have it here.

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