Love the Scale, Hate the Scale

Can I get a show of hands…who hates the scale? Let’s see…1, 2, 3…ok, pretty much everyone. I guess I’m alone in not hating it. I like seeing the numbers. I step on the scale every day or two, just to see where I’m at and it helps keep me on track. My attitude may change as times goes on and my journey continues, but for now, I’m friends with the scale.

I know the numbers don’t work for everyone and can be really discouraging. For example, one of my friends had a bad weigh day recently. She’s been doing really great, following weight watchers and doing lots of activity. But the number still went up and I know it discouraged her and fed that little voice in the back of her head that we all have, telling us it’s pointless and we’ll feel better if we gorge on chips, chocolate, candy, starch, etc. Silence! Numbers are a great way to follow progress, but what is more important than the numbers is how we feel and look. And she feels great! Plus, her clothes are fitting better which means she’s still doing something right. And that to me, is inspiring. She resisted the urge to jump into a downward spiral just because the scale told her to.

There can be any number of reasons the scale doesn’t move the way we want it to, or as fast as we want it to. Maybe the battery is dying, maybe it’s an old scale, maybe you’ve been doing great hitting the gym and built a little more muscle than you expected, maybe you’ve been developing great tone, or maybe you just fucked up and lost your mind and ate at Arby’s. Whatever the case may be, you’re doing great and will be doing even better next week. That’s my little affirmation for the day.


2 thoughts on “Love the Scale, Hate the Scale

  1. Oh I’m with you. I love my scale. I have a deep, passionate love affair with my scale. Even when the number goes up it’s still a comforting moment of measure. I like knowing how I’m doing. I pray to it. I yell at it. I smile down at it. I laugh at it. And it probably hears more profanity out of my mouth than anyone else in the world. đŸ™‚

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