Today is a fail. I got out of bed at 630 and had to be at work for 7. So I was rushing around and forgot to weigh myself. I don’t even know what I packed for lunch. I’m stressed about a friend situation. The goddamn cat woke me up at 430 by screaming in my face. I think she does it just for fun. I’m tired. I did not work out last night. Oh, and I’m at work. It’s been a mostly crappy week. I could keep complaining, but I suspect your eyes are starting to glaze over.

Let me tell you why this weekend is going to rock. I have plans to go to the gym, tickets to Jerry Seinfeld, a birthday party, and an awesome ladies night. Screw you week! The weekend belongs to me!


3 thoughts on “Fail

  1. ❤ If you ever want to complain to someone I'm good for a bitch session as you well know. Hope your weekend is so awesome that your bad week is erased from your memory. 🙂

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