Does anyone have any recommendations on shoes? I’m going to check out The Running Room and maybe a couple other places and get them to help me out, but I’d like to hear what brands people like who have already been using them.


7 thoughts on “Shoes

  1. Track and Trail is awesome. The staff is very friendly, knowledgeable and it’s locally owned as a bonus. I have always bought Asics for running and I love them. I also love my court shoes, they are Mizunos (sp?)

  2. I agree with Janette and am pro Asics all the way. I have worn them for 20 years and they never let me down. Also, if you have the chance to go stateside, (once you have found a brand/type of shoes that work for you) buy your shoes out there. The difference in price can be quite substantial. I wear Asics Gels 2100 series and they are $150 plus taxes in Winnipeg, but if I drive to Grand Forks, ND, I can get them for $75.

    • 2 votes for Asics!
      Hmm…good call. I’m heading to Vegas in November. It’d be nice to have some before then though. Maybe I can look online…
      And sorry about having to live in Winnipeg 😉

  3. I just got fitted for mine. I’ve always preferred New Balance but the running store that just fit me put me in Brooks and I LOVE them! I’ve never been able to wear Asics. I bought some once, ran in them twice, and had to return them. Since then, I’ve considered them multiple times but they just didn’t fit right. I guess everyone, their feet, and their running styles require different shoes.

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