Do NOT Play Jersey Shore Drinking Games

Because you will wake up to your pants in the corner of the livingroom, empty granola bar wrappers, empty mini chip bags, empty weight watchers breakfast sandwich wrappers, and empty milkbone boxes. I really hope I fed those to the dog. But don’t worry, if my fuzzy memory serves me correctly, I threw most of it up before going to bed. Go me.

My roommate and I barely saw each other all weekend. I was working 12 hour midnight shifts so I didn’t get to do too much and her bf and most of her friends were out of town for the long weekend so we decided to end the weekend with a bang and made up drinking rules for Jersey Shore and watched a few episodes. Imagine drinking every time you see The Situation’s abs, or everytime Snooki wears slippers, or everytime you hear GTL, cabs are here, and t-shirt time. And those were just some of our rules. Yeah, no wonder the evening is a fog.

The rest of my weekend was not nearly as ridiculous as last night. Like I said, I worked so I didn’t have time to do anything crazy. I didn’t even watch the football game. We don’t have cable and I didn’t bother making plans to go anywhere to watch it. I walked the dog, walked with a friend, ate healthy, and actually used the gym at work. We have a little workout space that we can use and it’s the first time I’ve used it and I’ve been at this job for over 3 years! Unfortunately, we are moving in a couple months to a different building and won’t have a gym anymore 😦

I forgot to take a picture of the supper I made on Sunday, but it was delicious. I bbq’d chicken and potatoes, and made a salad. Simple and yummy. I made a glaze for the chicken out of saskatoon berry mustard, honey, and a tiny bit of bbq sauce. I used mini potatoes and mixed them with a tbsp of evoo and some 3 onion dip mix from Epicure. For the salad, I used mixed greens and added fresh raspberries and candied nuts. To candy the nuts, I heated a tbsp of evoo in a pan and added walnuts, sesame seeds, and sunflower seeds. I then added a tbsp or so of honey and a sprinkle of brown sugar and heated while stirring for about 5-10 minutes. As the nuts cool, they stick together a little bit so you end up with little chunks of birdseed. Yummy! And no need for a salad dressing, it doesn’t really need it, but I guess if you did, you could use a balsamic or something like that. The meal was about 535 calories.

How was your Labour Day weekend?


2 thoughts on “Do NOT Play Jersey Shore Drinking Games

  1. not enough alcohol in the world to get me to watch it in the first place… plus I have friends and relatives, I can watch them without commericals.

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