The Incredible Hunger

I was hungry today. Like, really hungry. I got off work at 7am. Normally I have something to eat before I go to bed after my midnight shift, but not today. I popped a handful of almonds and then got to the sleeping. Maybe I should have eaten when I got home because I was starving when I woke up. It’s almost midnight and frankly, I’m still hungry. Just one of those days I guess. After talking to a couple of my girlfriends, we all seem to be having the same kind of day. Maybe it’s the weather lol I made mostly poor choices to try and satiate myself because I felt like eating junk today so I did (And enjoyed all of it). I did throw some fruit and veggies and salmon into the mix, but generally I ate poorly. I didn’t go ridiculously over my daily calories, but fat, sugar, and sodium are through the roof. Lame. Oh well, one day won’t kill me or throw me off track. Onward and downward!


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