Weigh Day 4

2.9 pounds this week! I’ve lost 14.5 pounds so far. I’m just going to round that up to 15 since I just guessed at my starting weight and I’m pretty sure I underestimated and say my first goal has been met. Yay me! I didn’t have any kind of reward in mind for myself for the first goal, but I’ve really been wanting some bacon. I’m not going to make a habit of giving myself food rewards, but I rarely use my fast food days or my free days so I think today I’m going to have a sub with bacon and mayo and cheese on it. I know, I’m getting all kinds of crazy over here.

I’m going to have a general goal of 10 pounds a month and 25 pounds by the time I leave for Vegas in November. I’m going to get myself a hot dress (maybe this one) for Vegas which means I’ll have to order the reward before I reach the goal. But the catch will be that I’m going to order it in a smaller size. So I won’t even be able to wear it without utilizing a series of packers and pulleys unless I hit my goal.


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